Friday, 12 May 2017

What came first ... Lush bath bomb review

Hi guys,

I picked up quite a few things at Lush recently - you can take a peek here in this post.

One of the seasonal items which was part of Easter was the "What came first ..." bath bomb. This was the spotty version but they also did in a stripe!

First impressions is the bomb has a stunning refreshing smell. It has a clear citrusy scent and has lemon and grapefruit oils too. 

When I first dropped it in the bath, it created a pink colour to the water which swiftly changed to orange as the whole bomb fizzed out. The distinct citrus smell stayed in the bath for the entire time.

The only thing that puts me off repurchasing any bath bomb is the lack of bubbles. Don't get me wrong, this bath bomb was super cleansing and moisturising and it made the bath water feel softer and more luxurious, but is a bath really a bath without bubbles?

You can purchase one here at Lush for £6.95.

Have you got any amazing lush products you have tried??

Rachael xox

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  1. I didn't get the chance to try this one but it looks sooo pretty.

    Lauren x Huggled