Friday, 19 May 2017

Primark Homeware Haul ...

Hi guys,

I have been doing some redecoration in my study and wanted to pick up a few pieces from the Primark Homeware range to decorate. 

Luckily for me, they had some cute little items for me!

Cactus Candle £1.50
Mermaid notebook £2.50
Mermaid tail dish £1.50
Mermaid trinket tray £2.00
Cactus dish £2.00

While there, I picked up some of the beauty products too.

PS Pro brush £3.00
PS Contour Kit £2.00

The brush is fantastic - I am now using it on a daily visit. It is a better quality than others I have purchased from Ebay and roughly the same price.

The contour kit is extremely good quality as well. The kit comes with a little diagram to show exactly how to contour and which shades to put on which part of the face. 
The middle shade is a little bit too dark for me but I have used it several times and I am getting used to how to blend the shades. 

I only contour and highlight when I am going out on a night out or date night but I have found this product to be amazing - for the price as well, it is an absolute steal!

Have you purchased anything from Primark lately?

Rachael xox


  1. I love the cactus dish and the cactus candle! They're both very unique.

    Unfortunately, there's no Primark in South Africa, but when I was last in the UK, I did some shopping there.


  2. The home decor pieces you picked up are so cute! xx

    IndieAna// In Search of the Holy Grail

  3. Lovely haul! I love the Cactus Candle and the Cactus dish, they're so cute!

    Ann-Marie |