Monday, 22 May 2017

Boots & Superdrug Haul ...

Hi guys,

I am not hauling too much recently just because I am trying to save lots of money up for my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. However, I did buy some essentials recently when out shopping for some Hong Kong clothes. I visited both Boots & Superdrug.

Here is what I picked up ...

£2.66 currently at Boots

This is Garnier's new micellar but it is in a gel form rather than the water. It is basically a cleanser for makeup. I have used it a couple of times so far and it works really well! I don't find I have a lot of makeup left over after a couple of washes with it. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.


This is a double ended pencil that defines and accentuates your brows. It is a waterproof formula that lasts for a full 24 hours. First you use the pencil to fill in the brows and add definition and you then blend and groom with the brush. 

This pencil is great for natural looking brows - my only issue so far is that my oily skin sometimes lifts the colour. It is waterproof, just not great at reacting to oil. 


Bit of a basic essentials buy but I do especially love these from Boots due to the size and shape of the pad. They cover a larger surface area and make it easier to cleanse with!


This razor is the best razor I have ever used. I have repurchased this razor time and time again and I love it. You can switch out the head too. What I love about this is the little size of it making it ideal for travel and going away. You can use it wet or dry (only used it dry for emergency hot tub nights). It doesn't miss any of those little pesky hairs. I get a lovely close shave and very soft legs.


These wipes are so good. They are fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin and they soak up all of your makeup. I only got them because they were free with the Glycolic cleansing peel but I would definitely repurchase. 


I love this product and I feel like this has been a great starter with my war against my wrinkles. I only have two wrinkles - a huge line across my wardrobe and then a smaller one just below it. They are the absolute bane of my life. This cream has started to fill the line out a little. It has definitely stopped any further lines appearing. It is also amazing to put on your skin at bedtime and wake up with crazy refreshed skin too. Definitely a great product.


I picked up this cleansing peel as I have had a lot of success with the Avon peeling pads. You can take a peek of those here. I haven't tried this product yet but I will try it shortly.


I picked up this loose setting powder for my terrible oily skin in the hopes to rein in the oil but I haven't yet tried it enough to review. I did use it once and while it did set my makeup well, it did make a little bit of a mess!


I bought this product as I never EVER clean my makeup brushes and thought it was about time that I started to do it. I usually just bin my makeup brushes after a little while when they get a bit thick with product. It is super easy to use. I use a pad which I picked up from Ebay to rinse them against with the gel. The gel smells good too. It also doesn't saturate the product which means it doesn't take ages to dry either. So all in all, I think this is a fab product. I haven't really compared it to anything else but I found it easy to use which is always a bonus in my books. 


I love this brow pencil. This is my go to brow pencil at the moment. It is only £2.99 and I get the wear out of it because it isn't retractable and can be sharpened. I fill in my brows every day unless I am having a complete day at home. They are growing in really well but I find that I need this little bit of help for the shape. I do love this product and will definitely repurchase. It is so long lasting and even if my oil shines through, it doesn't affect the shape at all.

Have you tried any of these products?

Rachael xox

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