Thursday, 6 April 2017

My Self Tan Routine ...

Hi guys,

Now the weather is a little warmer but I am still pale as hell, I have been turning to self tan for when my arms and legs are out. I picked up St Tropez self tan mousse a while ago in a kit and have used it sporadically but lately, I have found myself reaching for it a lot!

The St Tropez Kit I bought was only £19.99 and I am glad I did as it has made me fall in love with the brand. It even came with a mitt!

First I exfoliate in the bath or shower with the St Tropez Body Polish (not pictured) which is a prep & maintain product. I especially work this in around my knees, feet and elbows along with my knuckles as this is where my tan tends to cling to. It gets rid of all of your dead skin cells and softens the skin.

I then use this St Tropez Tan Enhancing Moisturiser. It can be used before and after a tan. Before a tan it is used to make sure those pesky area (knees, feet & elbows) are nice and supple so that you don't get great clumps of tan sticking to them. I then keep moisturising with this over the next few days to keep it nice and hydrated to avoid patchy tan when it starts to fade.

Next, comes the application of the tanning mousse. I do prefer a mousse with a tan as it makes it easier to apply. It is so lightweight, dries super quick and has a beautiful smell - not like biscuit at all!
You then hop in the shower a couple of hours later and your tan looks super amazing. 

I then reapply a couple of days later or I let it fade and keep topping up with the moisturiser when need.

I love this product as it is so natural looking. I will definitely be repurchasing this one!

Have you tried this product?

Rachael xox


  1. I love st tropez too! I got the same set for Christmas one year and it lasts me ages and gives the most natural looking tan out of everything I've tried!Xx

    1. I love it! Although if I don't exfoliate my feet, it doesn't look very natural!!

      Rachael xox