Thursday, 16 March 2017

Unicorn Makeup Brushes ...

Hi guys,

I wanted to show you the makeup brushes that I got from my mum for Christmas. I have only just got round to using them and I absolutely adore them.

You can get some similar versions from Ebay here. There are plenty of others on there; some with metallic coloured handles too but I wanted these specific ones as they actually look like unicorn horns. The multicoloured brush heads are adorable too. 

But, the best thing about the brushes is that they are actually a very good quality makeup brush. When I got the as a gift, I originally just assumed they were a bit of a novelty product. However. they blend in makeup to my face extremely well and don't soak up too much of a product that they then don't clean either. Ebay has a ten piece brush set also that features a lot of eyeshadow brushes that I am very tempted to buy!

I will definitely repurchase these when it comes round to replacing them. 

Have you tried these brushes?

Rachael xox

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