Saturday, 18 March 2017

Date night: The Open Jar & Logan

Hi guys,

Hubby and I recently had a "date night". We like to make the effort to get out and about when we can. Usually, we are so bloody tired after work and as Chris is now training for the Great North Run and Three Peak Challenge, he is often out running for a few hours on a night.

So, we forward planned as we both really wanted to go see Logan. We love Marvel films but we knew this one was going to be completely different. We decided to go get some food beforehand at one of the bars/restaurants in Hartlepool Marina.

We went to The Open Jar. I have heard so many amazing stories about this place and the parmos they serve. If you aren't from the North, a parmo is usually a chicken base, breaded, layered in beschamel sauce and a cheese topping. It is what our pizza shops serve as well as kebab etc. but may of our restaurants and pubs serve them too.

The Open Jar has a lovely decor to it and a lovely layout meaning that whether you are in a couple or in a large group, the seating is quite flexible.

The menu features a lot of parmos so while Chris chose the hotshot, I decided to go for the original. This one here is the smaller size. It came with gorgeous home made chips, garlic mayo and salad. It was absolutely delicious. The waitress was so friendly and definitely knew what she was doing. Although they didn't have a few types of drinks, she made sure we knew straightaway, apologised and offered us alternatives. We have been to the Marina a few times recently and I think it has made us realise it will be a fab destination in the Summer with the light evenings and warmer nights.

We then went to see Logan at the cinema. Vue Cinema is offering £4.99 tickets at our cinema at the moment so we had such a good night out at such an affordable price.

Logan follows the story of Wolverine. It is set in the future 2029, when he is living with Charles Xavier, who has dementia, and a lizard type tracker man. I am so not going to put any spoilers in here as I would be fuming if someone spilled the beans to me. 

However, I will say if you are expecting the typical Marvel fluffy storylines and one liners and the bright colours and heroes saving the day, this is not that. I think I cried a total of four times watching this and it was so unexpected. It is quite gory, super gritty and had the best storyline of any Marvel movie I have watched, and I have seen them all. It was such a dark film.

If you have been thinking about going to see it, then I definitely recommend that you do. 

Have you seen any good films recently?

Rachael xox


  1. The food looks great I'm so jealous right now... The film looks great I have seen the trailer!

    Lauren x Huggled

  2. the food looks delish!