Friday, 31 March 2017

February Empties ...

Hi guys,

A little bit late to the game with my Feb empties, but I have quite a few from March too and I didn't want the post to be massively long.

I have been on a no spend and minimalism trial to see how I go and so far I am doing pretty well. It does mean however that I am going to have a lot of empties going forward. I am also only replacing products once I have none left of any type so I am shopping smarter too.

The photograph is a little odd - rotate just didn't work for it!

I bought this mega effects mascara quite a while ago from Avon and it laid in the back of my drawer completely forgotten about. I have tried it several times and this is a product that is going the journey while not actually being empty. I find this quite difficult to use. It is a very wide and short brush and the bristles are very thick. I have poked myself in the eye twice and dotted my eyelid with mascara at least three times. I have tried a lot of different mascaras from Avon but this was not good for me. 

Avon Planet Spa Moisturising Cream similar here

I love Avon Planet Spa as the products are made from natural ingredients all over the world. This used up moisturiser pot is actually made from Himalayan salts. This product was super moisturising and smelt amazing and Avon always have great deals on their beauty items too. I would definitely buy something similar from them. 

This is the Nivea oil free day cream. This was a very good product for me as my skin is so oily that I try to buy either mattifying or oil free products. The product smells amazing and the it is super moisturising. I will definitely be repurchasing this product when I need to.

I bought the stippling brush pictured above, quite a while ago when I was needing a few new brushes. Wilko's range was so cheap and I still use some of them now. This stippling brush wasn't very well looked after so that is why I would need to replace. The version linked above looks like a more expensive version due to their upgrade of the range. It was a very good brush and I will be going to purchase another.

I received this Glad hair day shampoo in a giftset for Christmas. I love the soap and glory range and all of their products just smell so amazing. I absolutely adore the smell of this shampoo. My only problem is that I don't find it cleansing enough if I have quite oily hair at the time. I don't use a lot of conditioner but I do like to have a good clean wash and a good lather up. For that reason, it wouldn't be my go to choice. I do think they should do a dry shampoo though!

I love all Rimmel products but the scandaleyes range of mascaras is one of my favourites. The brushes are so thick that you get volume and a dark shade too. I was disappointed by a recent purchase of the scandaleyes mascara so I will repurchase in the future if they bring a different version out.

My all time go to classic perfume that I will purchase time and time again. I love the scent at any time of year for any occasion. I love how fresh it is. I honestly don't think there could be any scent I would love more. Even my mam says she smells it and thinks of me instantly.

I adore all Marc Jacobs and this was the first time I had tried Honey but it is absolutely stunning. It is such a sweeter scent than the Daisy and feels a lot lighter when you are wearing it. I do think that it is probably the best one for Summer months with it being so light and fresh. 

I got a large amount of body washes for Christmas from Sancutary in a gift set. I love body wash and shower gel as it is the one product I use more than anything else and seem to always have a massive supply of it and a lot within my empties. Sanctuary body wash scents are so strong and distinctive. You get their signature very strong orange scents but this one I have just used has a gorgeous lemony scent which is so refreshing.

This brow pencil is amazing. It gives amazing coverage, blends in with the brow really well and is so easy to use. My only issue with is that it is a retractable pencil and I am extremely heavy handed so I tend to snap them quite a lot. This means I don't get my £19 worth of use when I use it. I think next time I will go for a normal pencil rather than a retractable.

Have you used any of these products?

Rachael xox

Thursday, 30 March 2017

My Skin Saviours ...

Hi guys,

All the changes in the weather recently have got my skin going crazzzzyyyyy!

Between the wind and rain when out walking, the winter sun burning down on me and the heating on full blast when at home, not to mention my steaming hot baths - I don't think my skin knows what it is supposed to do. It also doesn't help that my full time job is working with food. This means that I am constantly washing my hands and this is not good for my hands either.

Beauty Kitchen 60 second manicure £9.99 - available here
Currently BOGOHP

This product is so amazing that I just do not know how there aren't people raving about this on blogs. It exfoliates, hydrates and cleanses your mitts all in one. You literally rub your hands in it and then rinse it off. It leaves your hands feeling brand new. It has an amazing scent too with himalayan salt and frankincense. If you haven't been, the Holland and Barrett in York is fab - you can go test these products and make a lot of your own too!

Beauty Kitchen Wonder Balms £2.99 - available here and here.
Currently BOGOHP

These are another fab product from The Beauty Kitchen. These lip balms are perfect when my lips need some hydration. It is more of a balm than a moisturising cream but it is super soft when it's on your lips. They seem to last forever too! Well worth this price.

I use all of these above lip balms and I am a little bit obsessed with them all! I rotate between them in different handbags.

My top picks:

For my skin (excuse the photo?!), I have a variety of different products.

Smells amazing and thoroughly moisturises my skin. I put this on usually before bed and I can still feel the moisturising effect the next morning.

You definitely need to exfoliate when there are weather changes. I get so much tough, dry skin so not only do I do my body brushing, I also make sure to scrub it off. You can't go far wrong with Soap & Glory products - they smell amazing and you always get results.

On the days I go sans makeup (usually when out walking the dogs), I often end up with a ruddy skin with a touch of Rosacea. I purchased this quite a while ago but it is such an amazing product. It is more of a balm than a cream so I find it sinks into my skin and it definitely dulls the redness straightaway. I find that for the minimal amount of times I need to use this, it definitely does the trick.

This product is my absolute go to when I have overdone it with central heating and need something that is super strong. This sits on top of my skin and I feel that it just absolutely goes to the core of my skin. I put this on after a hot bath or my skin is feeling super tight and dry. I occasionally put this on overnight and I find that it is still performing the next morning. 

No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue - Similar here.
I have extremely oily skin which I find then creates dry patches as I work so hard to get rid of my excess oil. I find that this product works so well when I only have mild dry skin without creating any excess oil.

What do you use when your skin is being a bit naughty?

Rachael xox

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

New Season Lush Haul ...

Hi guys,

I had a quick pop into Lush last week and came out with a bag full of goodies!

Firstly, how adorable is this carrier bag?! SO ready for Spring now!

I have never tried any of the face and body masks from Lush so I decided to start with the Mask of Magnaminty which has an amazing peppermint smell to it. I have been suffering with my skin lately, I don't know if it is stress or a change in the weather but I have used this a couple of times and I am seeing an improvement. It also smells incredible but don't eat it! I use this when I go in the bath and leave it on the entire time I am in there. It is very soft so it doesn't feel as abrasive as some of the others I have used before. Very happy with this product.

I picked up this trial size charity pot for only £1.00. The majority of the sale price from these products go to helping great causes around the world. I picked up this little one to be able to give it a try but also it is the perfect size for weekend trips too! It doesn't have much of a scent but is super moisturising.

This one has such a gorgeous floral scent mixed with vanilla and lavender. I am excited to use this one for a relaxing late night bath.

This one is fresh and citrusy. It smells of lemon and also has grapefruit oil to refresh the skin. 

This is the only one I have used so far and it was gorgeous. It is a bubble bar so I got a few baths out of it. It smelled so much like parma violets it was unreal.

This bath bomb is a spring celebration in a ball. Inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms, it is infused with mimosa and jasmine oils and has a gorgeous lemon and orange smell to it. 

Orange, cocoa butter & chocolate in this gorgeous golden casing, what more can I ask for?!

This bath bomb melt is so messy. I had to wash my hands in Lush and then had to deglitter my dress as well. However, I am super excited to see if I have a glittery bath! 

Have you picked anything up from Lush lately?!

Rachael xox

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Walking in Osmotherley ...

Hi guys,

We recently went for a gorgeous walk in Osmotherley, which is located in Teesside/Cleveland area of England. My hubby along with my sister and brother-in-law are completing the Three Peaks Challenge later in the year so we have been getting some practice in for them.

We took the dogs along, although it got a bit too much for Dexter who had to be carried the last half a mile. The walk we did is roughly 5 miles although there are a few climbs and a few downhill moments.

If you want to take a peek at the route, you can take a look here. The route is part of The Cleveland Way.

It's amazing to be outside in our beautiful country. I do think we take for granted how beautiful the scenery is. 

If you are thinking about taking up walking, or trying it out, you need to make sure you are wearing the correct clothing. You need a good pair of walking boots/shoes and good socks. The impact of the ground and rough terrain on your feet can cause blisters and really hard skin. To avoid this sort of injury, you are best of wearing the right thing.

My walking shoes are Regatta and are from North Face. I got them because they were turquoise in colour and still a little girly, you can find some other great options here, here and here

My favourite walking socks are the 1001 mile brand. They are so comfortable and I don't get any blisters at all. I am currently looking for some pink walking socks so I feel extra girly when walking covered in mud. I love these here.

There are plenty of extras as well you will need to be able to walk in comfort and keep warm.

Waterproof jacket

1, 2, 3, 4

Waterproof trousers

1, 2, 3, 4

Base layers

1, 2, 3, 4


1, 2, 3, 4


1, 2, 3, 4 <personalised!!

Have you got any walks you can recommend for me in the North East?

Rachael xox

Pixi Glow Tonic + Giveaway

Hi guys,

So I am holding a giveaway! Woohoo!

I have this superb Pixi Glow Tonic to giveaway*. I have finally tried this product and absolutely love it. This toner is for use on the face after cleansing and tones, firms and tightens the skin.

It oygenates, exfoliates & removes dead skin cells too.

Honestly, if you haven't tried it, you need to! This is 100% the best toner I have ever used.

You can pick the Pixi Glow Tonic up here and here and pay £18! Or ... you can enter my giveaway and win one for yourself! Just follow the instructions below! The more places you enter, the more chances you have!

This ends on the Saturday of Easter weekend so get entering now! 

Lots of Luck Rachael xox

*This giveaway is in no way associated with the Pixi Brand. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Season River Island Lust List ...

Hi guys,

So I walked past River Island yesterday and couldn't resist having a pop in and some of their new season drop is absolutely stunning! I thought I would take a little peek online and I have created a lust list of some items I will be picking up! I thought I would turn this into a little series and do some lust lists from my favourite haunts.

This handbag is absolutely gorgeous. This is definitely number one on my list. I don't usually go for grey just because it doesn't suit me in clothing but I adore this. With multiple embroidered colours, it is ideal to wear with all sorts of different clothing.

With River Island, I love the detailing on their accessories. I love the plate on the front, the printed luggage tag and the gold tone hardware. It also has a faux suede effect too which just cements this as the number one bag for this season.

Lo and behold, another grey bag! This one is a smaller lock satchel style which is ideal for shopping and taking on weekend trips. I adore the bright red floral detail on the front. The gold hardware is beautiful too, especially the lock feature on the front of the bag. The handle is removable too meaning you could just carry it. I am in love with this bag!

This swimsuit caught my eye straightaway. I love the bardot and the criss cross detail which will be super flattering. The only thing is the tan lines from the tummy section but I suppose I could live with that. I am a super fan of anything monochrome and the majority of my wardrobe is made up of black clothes so this would fit right in! May be a purchase for Hong Kong.

Hmmm.. I think SS17 will be when I actually wear grey! I love this floral duster coat. It has so many different colours in that it would just be so versatile. The khaki and cream detail will go with a lot of my current clothing for SS. I currently have a duster jacket in black (surprise, surprise) and the waterfall detailing to the front is flattering and breaks up the length of it.

I feel like this with jeans and ankle boots, leggings and sandals and over jeans and heels for a night out means I can wear it so many different ways. I don't like the idea of paying £65 for something I would only wear occasionally so I like the idea of this being worn it a lot of different ways! I think it would also be wearable in colder weather too with layers!

I adore the sleeves of this dress. It make a simple black dress into something much more. You can definitely wear this dressed up or down. This will be perfect for me in Hong Kong with sandals or on  a night out with a pair of heels. I love wearing black as it is so slimming but I do like to add a pop of colour so with this dress, I could wear bright pink heels and necklace for example. 

How adorable is this?! River Island also have this available in a shirt which is gorgeous but I prefer the skirt in the print. The length and tie waist is very flattering for any figure. A lot of people tell me they don't like birds on prints but I love them! This is super summery and is quite a good price at £35.

This is such a feminine style top and I love that it looks cool and lightweight too. I can just imagine this with a pair of denim shorts and little sandals! I am so ready for some sunshine!

This top is so me. Black, check. Embroidery, check. Neck tie, check. I looooooveee this top! I have seen some similar for less prices but I love the quality and feel of this version. It also comes in petite and plus size too. 

I love sunglasses. I am totally on a minimalism movement and only buying things I absolutely need but I feel like I have an addiction to sunglasses. I have so many already and usually take four or five pairs on holiday and rotate them each day. I carry some in my handbag, even now, and have a pair in my car too. I absolutely love these ones and I think they would be amazing for Hong Kong. 

 I have wanted some sandals like this since last year but I just didn't need any more. However, I have just had a sort through of my Summer clothes and I think this is what my Summer suitcase is missing. I love all of the pom poms and charms added to them too.

I am currently using my Michael Kors purse which I picked up in New York a couple of years ago. I have used different purses in between but I feel like I am always bulging out of the Michael Kors. Between receipts, loyalty cards and the ridiculous amount of change I always have, sometimes it is difficult to shut. I saw this one and just loved it. I love the gold keychain, the studded detail and it is a foldover style. Inside you can fit so much in and it doesn't look like the sort to bulge out either. 

I am so into the bardot style of clothing and this looks super cosy. It will be such a good transition piece through to spring and then from summer back to autumn. With a little neckscarf or choker, this will look amazing!

How stunning are these! I love the floral print detail - it will go so well with the grey satchel bag too. This red floral print is so bright and stunning. I quite like the ripped detail too as I don't usually go for this style. I like the idea of a tucked in tee for these!

This is absolutely adorable. They also have a matching smock dress which I might have to add to the list too. I have owned some like this previously. Primark brought out a few versions years ago and I picked them up and wore them to death (which wasn't much at Primark) but with River Island quality, I will most likely get the wear out of this one.

I think this is incredibly gorgeous. I am so tempted to pick this up for Hong Kong to blend in. I can imagine wearing this with a black tee to make it a little bit more casual or a roll necked body. It has all of my favourite colours in one and I cannot believe the low price of only £28. This is an absolute steal.

Are you lusting after any of these items?

Rachael xox

Friday, 24 March 2017

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette: The Blush Queen

Hi guys, 

I am absolutely in love with this palette and just had to share it with you!

I picked this up from Superdrug in the Metrocentre but you can get it online here

This is the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette, The Blush Queen.

It features eight different blush and highlights and I have used literally every single shade in here. They are all superpigmented and a little goes a long way. I use this product almost every day and it has barely been dented. I am going to buy a spare just in case!

The top row far left and far right are both amazing as highlighters and work with all of the shades of blush. My favourite blush is the bottom second in from left for every day and the bottom row far right, which I tend to use on a night out.

You can pick one up from here and for only £6!

This product is such a bargain and it has replaced my every day usual blushers! I would highly recommend this product, I just find it so versatile.

Have you got a blush palette that works for you?!

Rachael xox