Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Rosegal Review

Hi guys,

So I have heard about Rosegal quite a bit through social media with all of their advertising of low priced products. 

They got in touch with me to choose some products to then do a review of. I picked a fair amount of products as they are cheap and so I could get a really good idea of what the company is like.

Firstly, I picked a few products that were then out of stock so they asked me to choose some replacements. I also got some additional items to what is listed here but I haven't used them yet or enough to be able to pass on my judgement!

So, first I got this colour corrector palette priced at only £2.68. You can find this product here. This is basically 15 different concealers with different uses. I have tried quite a few of these and I actually found them to be very good. I didn't think they would be as the consistency of the actual concealer isn't amazing but when blended into skin, it makes a massive difference. I have especially been using the green to tone down the redness of my blemishes. The lighter shade works well as a highlighter too.

This bracelet is so cute and I have worn this quite a bit so far. I think it was priced at £1.72. This product is currently sold out but I definitely love this!

This bangle is very beautiful. It has a knot in too and I have worn it quite a bit with my finer gold jewellery as it fits well and looks expensive. This is priced at only £1.17. You can get it here in either silver or gold.

This is another stunning example of a gold bracelet and looks quite unusual too. You can find this one here priced at only £2.38. This is another example of an expensive looking bracelet. 

This is a very good product. This is the eyebrow pencil priced at only £2.43. You can pick up this one here. I loved the packaging at first but the actual brow pencil is pigmented really well and the shade matches me really well. 

This four chain necklace is beautiful. I have worn it a few times and it looks good. This one is currently out of stock but there is a similar looking product here. Layered necklaces are so on trend right now.

I have wanted a bracelet with the infinity logo on for a long time and when I saw this one I couldn't wait to snap it up. It is quite different to the one pictured but it still looks good. You can pick this one up for only £2.66 here

Now these earrings are simply stunning. They are on a long dangling chain where part of it actually goes through your ear. I have never actually worn this type before but they are lovely and I got quite a bit of wear out of them over Christmas. They are here priced at only £2.20.

Next, I picked up this Watermelon long lasting lip colour. This was touted as a long wearing tattoo effect lip gloss. However, I do not like this product at all. It is super sticky, and doesn't look great on either. This one was only £2.13 but I am not a fan. You can take a peek here.

I adore this product. This rhinestone crown ring is lovely. It is adjustable so anyone can buy it. I have worn it as a thumb and a finger ring and it is still in its original shape if needed. You can see this similar one here at only £2.11. 

Last but not least, I picked up these gorgeous little reindeer earrings. These are absolutely darling and I wore them over the Christmas period. They look so cute and were only £2.05. You can see those here.

My only little warning with this is that I ordered some lash glue to go with some lashes I ordered. The lashes I ordered were out of stock so I was left with the glue. When I studied the packaging, it actually said on it that it was "eye cream". Maybe this is just a bit of an issue with the language barrier as I think the majority of products come from China.

So, my views of this website have been quite good. The shipping took a little longer than if coming from the UK but obviously that is to be expected. I only got makeup and jewellery products as I was unsure of the clothes and the quality if it was similar to Ebay.

The prices are so good so it might be worth checking out if you are wanting some cute jewellery pieces as the ones I received were lovely!

Thank you to Rosegal for sponsoring this post.

Rachael xox

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  1. I really love the bracelets and the palette! I'm a sucker for palettes!

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