Friday, 6 January 2017

My 5 phobias ...

Hi guys,

So today I thought I would tell you a little bit more about me and give you the insight into what scares me out of my wits!!

A phobia is a funny thing but each of these is a definite "fear" of mine. Since I have been learning how to be a Life Coach and have been learning CBT, I have been trying to rationalise my fears of the following and it has helped, but I still struggle.

1. Spiders - Cliche, I know. However, I am absolutely terrified of them. I have learnt how to deal with the smaller money spiders but anything larger than a one pence piece, I am terrified. I mean spine chilling, feel sick, terrified of them. I know they are more scared of us than we are of them but I absolutely detest them.

2. Dentist - This fear stems from a visit when I was younger and when to see a different dentist than my usual. She had bright red lipstick and I always remember that when I think about this experience. On this particular trip, she injected my tongue instead of my gums. This was horrendous and it is a good job that these were the days when bandanna were "in" as I had to use mine to hold my tongue in as it flopped around. Needless to say, the dentist is still a fear inducing experience. 

3. Clowns - Clowns make me feel sick and I can literally run the other way if I see anyone dressed up, but in particular, it is clowns. At the circus, I brace myself to run away when there are moments of audience participation. 

4.  Medical Stuff - When I say medical stuff I don't have any specific example. I just don't like going to the doctors. I think its the thought of any procedures, injections etc. I obviously still go as its important to visit the doctors and get anything done you need to for your health but I am still petrified!

5. Heights - I absolutely hate heights. I walked to only level 1 of the Eiffel tower and that was bad enough. Sweating, trembling legs, the works! I do go on aeroplanes and I do put myself in some high situations, but I absolutely petrified.

What scares you?

Rachael xox

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  1. I hate the dentist too! I had a filling once and they started drilling before the anesthetic had started working, it was agony, and I always insist on 2 injections now if i need any work doing!