Monday, 9 January 2017

How I plan & organise my blog ...

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you how I organise my blog.

I currently work full time (roughly 45 hours per week). I travel quite a lot over the North East with work so having time to blog sometimes can be a little rough!

I have to plan & organise my blog to make sure I have enough content ready in case I can't blog for an entire week.

So below are my 5 tips for planning & organising your blog ...

1. Carry a notebook
I find that carrying a notebook with me is a great help. If I have an extra few minutes at lunchtime or during a train journey, I will just jot down any extra ideas or inspirations that come up. This notebook, "happy thoughts" is from TK Maxx. I often plan specific posts in here too. If I need to take some beauty product photos for example, I will specify actions in here too.

2. Plan dates with a diary
I use this diary above that I purchased from WH Smith. I will be buying a new one for 2017 as I don't quite like an academic. I like to finish the year in mind and in diary, if you get it? I write in deadlines for me to finish sponsored posts & I also write in my scheduled posts to make sure I don't clash anything.

 Using my diary also helps so I know when I can write and blog around holidays or events I have planned!

3. Schedule posts
I am definitely a fan of posting in advance. Sometimes, I just write and write and then post immediately. However, with me working full time, it is extremely important for me to be able to schedule in advance so I don't miss deadlines. It also helps around the busier times of year - Christmas & Halloween when the content can be a lot bigger!

4. Seasonal posts
So as previously mentioned, I do a lot of scheduling. This is especially important around the big seasonal posts. I need to make sure they go out at the time they are supposed to. Sometimes it might mean creating the content for Christmas gift guides etc. now and then scheduling them for the end of November.

5. Use Excel
I use Excel like it is going out of fashion. I use it for keeping track of my blog posts and deadlines for sponsored posts. I always pop on there products that I have reviewed. When you post quite a lot, it's nice to have that list of the specific beauty product that I have reviewed. Just in case I feel the need to review again, I will check my original and then update if necessary! I use it for keeping track of books etc too. It just means I don't have a massive amount of "drafts" on my blogger clogging it up.

How do you organise yours?

Rachael xox

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