Monday, 30 January 2017

Hello 2017 ...

Hi guys,

So now that we have said goodbye to 2016, I thought I would welcome in 2017. I have set myself goals rather than resolutions to make them more achievable.

So I thought I would start for our plans so far for 2017.


Feb - Weekend in Brigham

Feb - Weekend in Melrose, Scotland

May - Hong Kong

June - Celine Dion at Manchester

August - Peak District Glamping with the dogs

September - Wedding of my friend in Scotland
Trip to the Cotswolds with the dogs.

Because I work every Saturday, it becomes difficult to plan little weekends away and most need to go down as holidays which is a shame as we would get away more often and take the dogs with us. We haven't taken them anywhere yet as we haven't stopped anywhere that would allow them to stay so my sister sits for them and the house while away so it's good to be able to take them!


There isn't a great deal for us to do around the house this year because we decorated when we moved in. We did it to make the house feel more ours. However, there are a few things we want to do this year to just improve things a little more.

  • Replace light fittings - some of them are fitted lights and are old fashioned so we are going to put pendants in or more modern hangings
  • New garage door - unfortunately ours has broken so we are going to replace to be able to access easily from the outside.
  • New internal doors - I want to replace my living room and kitchen doors with wood and glass to increase the light in each room and to unblock the flow of the rooms.
  • New front door - I want to paint my front door a mint green and I have a matching post box to put up too just to increase the kerb appeal of my house.

  • I am going to stop spending money on frivolous items that I don't need. It will make for poor blogging and I will be doing lust lists instead of hauls but that is my ultimate goal. I have spare cash every month as it is and I am able to go where I like and go on holiday several times a year, but I can only imagine the opportunities if I don't spend money on items I don't need or use.
  • Equally, I am going to save as much money as possible so I have a cushion in case I need it.
  • I read a hell of a lot so instead of purchasing a million books on Amazon, and picking up a whole stack in WHSmith, I am going to make it my mission to read the existing books on my Kindle, my bookshelves AND I will be joining the library too!


  • I am going to be as clutter free as possible. I have already decluttered as much as possible and cleared out my wardrobe, my make up drawers, books, dvds, my loft, my kitchen cupboards etc. I have either donated to charity or sold on Shpock or Ebay. Selling on both of these platforms allows you to then recuperate some money for your savings. Win, win for me!
  • I feel like my financial no spend goal is also related to this as it tests my ability to stick to my goals and be more scrutinising of my "need" for something.
  • You can expect lots of "empties" posts too as I make my through my current stash!!
So, I think 2017 just might be one of the best year's yet! What do you have planned for yours?

Rachael xox

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