Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bye 2016 ...

Hi guys,

I know I am a little late in saying tara to 2016 but I have been very under the weather for the first few weeks of 2017!

Unfortunately, I had a terrible bout of pnuemonia but definitely on the mend now.

So 2016 year basically was absolutely crap for the world! It was the year we split up with Europe, America voted in a modern day Hitler and we lost the majority of the talent in the world.

However, on a personal note, it wasn't a bad year. 


I didn't change jobs or do anything dramatic but I feel like 2016 was the year I felt confident in my role and didn't second guess as much. As women, I feel like we second guess ourselves too much and I often doubted my decision making and felt like I needed confirmation from my seniors or praise to make me feel as if I belonged in the role.

Well, no more. This girl boss is going for it. A little belief fuels motivation. A motivated person then inspires others and that is how in 2016, I managed to achieve the best results in my career with that company. 

In terms of my blog, I have now started promoting through social media and have had collaborations, sponsored posts and actual income through it. It isn't what I set out to do. I wanted to start my blog as a platform to share my thoughts and views and now I have a steady readership and actual followers. While becoming self employed as a blogger is not what my ultimate goals are, I would like to see where I can get to.

Self - development

I am a big believer in developing my skills and education further every day. It is easy at work as I develop and learn new things about myself and management every day. 

However, one day I would like to be self employed (still undecided what) and if that means that I work hard now when I can, then I will. 

If you are thinking about doing a course and you aren't sure which then Groupon is a great place to start. They have a lot of training courses available at low prices so you can an idea of what you want to do.

Home & Family

We sold our house and moved into a bigger one in July. We worked hard to save as much as possible and I feel that all of the money saving and motivation skills we have adopted mean that we are much better off financially even now. 

We decorated our house completely and although we do have some renovation plans for the distant future, it feels more like our home now than somewhere we just moved into. On paper, it had everything we wanted but when you get in, you still feel the echo of the previous family and it can still feel like their home. 

If you want to see some of my decor, you can have a look here, here, here, here,  here and here

In terms of family, my husband and I have had a lovely year and although we have had some family illness - I feel like it's the year that made us realise the importance of YOLO and spending time with the people you love when you can. 


February - London

April - Edinburgh

June - Dublin (here, here and here)

September - Kos (here)

November - Rome

How was 2016 for you?

Rachael xox

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