Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Shopping with Milly Bridal ...

Millybridal Prom Dresses Hi guys,

So I have a few events this year including a wedding so I have been browsing the web looking for some cute dresses but then Milly Bridal got in touch and there are some gorgeous designs on their website that you need to check out!! You can have a look at them here.

Before browsing, you can even go to their homepage to take a look at their dress guide which shows you the different shapes so if you already have an image in your head of what you want your gown to look like, this should make your search a lot easier!

They have bridal dresses, shoes and prom style evening dresses. These vary of whether you want a short or a long

Here are my top picks for the short dresses.

The gorgeous fairy princess style dress is stunning and is in this gorgeous dusky pink colour. I absolutely adore this dress. It is priced at £97.99 and is available in other colours too. You can pick this up here. The embellishment detail on this is so beautiful. 

The reason I chose this one is because it is a little more simple. You can find this one here. There are lots of different colours available too but I think is just so beautiful for wedding or christening. I love the sheer neck line too. 

I adore the colour of this one and I love the gem detail on the banding around the middle. The contrast is stunning. This one is priced at £75.99 and is available here.

I absolutely adore this dress. It is the classic a-line shape which is so flattering around the waist and vintage looking. This dress comes in so many different colours and is priced at £75.99. You can purchase it here

I had a good look at all of the long prom dresses and they are amazing. I would probably wear some of them to a wedding but the more decadent I would wear for a ball or other special occasion. 

How gorgeous is this dress? It is so princess like and beautiful. It is backless and has a slight train too. This is priced at £119.99 but is so worth it for the intricate detail. You can purchase this here.

I like this one as you can dress them up or down. It has a gorgeous shape to it and is super flattering with the crossover detail on the waist. It is only £75.99 and you can get it here.

This is my absolute favourite gown and I would wear this with bright pink shoes!! I actually think I am going to order this one for an event I am going to over the Summer. It is one of the nicest gowns I have ever seen and I love the simplicity of the top compared to the fullness of the skirt. This is priced at £128.99 and you can pick one up here.

Finally, we have this beautiful little number which is silk and satin like and just moulds to the shape and the waist detail is absolutely stunning. I adore this bronze shade of the gown and it is only £85.99. You can find it here

I have bookmarked the website to keep an eye on future dresses too. I love the testimonials page on their website too as you can actually see the dresses in colour on there and get an idea of what they actually look like. 

Thank you to Milly Bridal for sponsoring this post.

Rachael xox

Rosegal Review

Hi guys,

So I have heard about Rosegal quite a bit through social media with all of their advertising of low priced products. 

They got in touch with me to choose some products to then do a review of. I picked a fair amount of products as they are cheap and so I could get a really good idea of what the company is like.

Firstly, I picked a few products that were then out of stock so they asked me to choose some replacements. I also got some additional items to what is listed here but I haven't used them yet or enough to be able to pass on my judgement!

So, first I got this colour corrector palette priced at only £2.68. You can find this product here. This is basically 15 different concealers with different uses. I have tried quite a few of these and I actually found them to be very good. I didn't think they would be as the consistency of the actual concealer isn't amazing but when blended into skin, it makes a massive difference. I have especially been using the green to tone down the redness of my blemishes. The lighter shade works well as a highlighter too.

This bracelet is so cute and I have worn this quite a bit so far. I think it was priced at £1.72. This product is currently sold out but I definitely love this!

This bangle is very beautiful. It has a knot in too and I have worn it quite a bit with my finer gold jewellery as it fits well and looks expensive. This is priced at only £1.17. You can get it here in either silver or gold.

This is another stunning example of a gold bracelet and looks quite unusual too. You can find this one here priced at only £2.38. This is another example of an expensive looking bracelet. 

This is a very good product. This is the eyebrow pencil priced at only £2.43. You can pick up this one here. I loved the packaging at first but the actual brow pencil is pigmented really well and the shade matches me really well. 

This four chain necklace is beautiful. I have worn it a few times and it looks good. This one is currently out of stock but there is a similar looking product here. Layered necklaces are so on trend right now.

I have wanted a bracelet with the infinity logo on for a long time and when I saw this one I couldn't wait to snap it up. It is quite different to the one pictured but it still looks good. You can pick this one up for only £2.66 here

Now these earrings are simply stunning. They are on a long dangling chain where part of it actually goes through your ear. I have never actually worn this type before but they are lovely and I got quite a bit of wear out of them over Christmas. They are here priced at only £2.20.

Next, I picked up this Watermelon long lasting lip colour. This was touted as a long wearing tattoo effect lip gloss. However, I do not like this product at all. It is super sticky, and doesn't look great on either. This one was only £2.13 but I am not a fan. You can take a peek here.

I adore this product. This rhinestone crown ring is lovely. It is adjustable so anyone can buy it. I have worn it as a thumb and a finger ring and it is still in its original shape if needed. You can see this similar one here at only £2.11. 

Last but not least, I picked up these gorgeous little reindeer earrings. These are absolutely darling and I wore them over the Christmas period. They look so cute and were only £2.05. You can see those here.

My only little warning with this is that I ordered some lash glue to go with some lashes I ordered. The lashes I ordered were out of stock so I was left with the glue. When I studied the packaging, it actually said on it that it was "eye cream". Maybe this is just a bit of an issue with the language barrier as I think the majority of products come from China.

So, my views of this website have been quite good. The shipping took a little longer than if coming from the UK but obviously that is to be expected. I only got makeup and jewellery products as I was unsure of the clothes and the quality if it was similar to Ebay.

The prices are so good so it might be worth checking out if you are wanting some cute jewellery pieces as the ones I received were lovely!

Thank you to Rosegal for sponsoring this post.

Rachael xox

Monday, 30 January 2017

Hello 2017 ...

Hi guys,

So now that we have said goodbye to 2016, I thought I would welcome in 2017. I have set myself goals rather than resolutions to make them more achievable.

So I thought I would start for our plans so far for 2017.


Feb - Weekend in Brigham

Feb - Weekend in Melrose, Scotland

May - Hong Kong

June - Celine Dion at Manchester

August - Peak District Glamping with the dogs

September - Wedding of my friend in Scotland
Trip to the Cotswolds with the dogs.

Because I work every Saturday, it becomes difficult to plan little weekends away and most need to go down as holidays which is a shame as we would get away more often and take the dogs with us. We haven't taken them anywhere yet as we haven't stopped anywhere that would allow them to stay so my sister sits for them and the house while away so it's good to be able to take them!


There isn't a great deal for us to do around the house this year because we decorated when we moved in. We did it to make the house feel more ours. However, there are a few things we want to do this year to just improve things a little more.

  • Replace light fittings - some of them are fitted lights and are old fashioned so we are going to put pendants in or more modern hangings
  • New garage door - unfortunately ours has broken so we are going to replace to be able to access easily from the outside.
  • New internal doors - I want to replace my living room and kitchen doors with wood and glass to increase the light in each room and to unblock the flow of the rooms.
  • New front door - I want to paint my front door a mint green and I have a matching post box to put up too just to increase the kerb appeal of my house.

  • I am going to stop spending money on frivolous items that I don't need. It will make for poor blogging and I will be doing lust lists instead of hauls but that is my ultimate goal. I have spare cash every month as it is and I am able to go where I like and go on holiday several times a year, but I can only imagine the opportunities if I don't spend money on items I don't need or use.
  • Equally, I am going to save as much money as possible so I have a cushion in case I need it.
  • I read a hell of a lot so instead of purchasing a million books on Amazon, and picking up a whole stack in WHSmith, I am going to make it my mission to read the existing books on my Kindle, my bookshelves AND I will be joining the library too!


  • I am going to be as clutter free as possible. I have already decluttered as much as possible and cleared out my wardrobe, my make up drawers, books, dvds, my loft, my kitchen cupboards etc. I have either donated to charity or sold on Shpock or Ebay. Selling on both of these platforms allows you to then recuperate some money for your savings. Win, win for me!
  • I feel like my financial no spend goal is also related to this as it tests my ability to stick to my goals and be more scrutinising of my "need" for something.
  • You can expect lots of "empties" posts too as I make my through my current stash!!
So, I think 2017 just might be one of the best year's yet! What do you have planned for yours?

Rachael xox

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Bye 2016 ...

Hi guys,

I know I am a little late in saying tara to 2016 but I have been very under the weather for the first few weeks of 2017!

Unfortunately, I had a terrible bout of pnuemonia but definitely on the mend now.

So 2016 year basically was absolutely crap for the world! It was the year we split up with Europe, America voted in a modern day Hitler and we lost the majority of the talent in the world.

However, on a personal note, it wasn't a bad year. 


I didn't change jobs or do anything dramatic but I feel like 2016 was the year I felt confident in my role and didn't second guess as much. As women, I feel like we second guess ourselves too much and I often doubted my decision making and felt like I needed confirmation from my seniors or praise to make me feel as if I belonged in the role.

Well, no more. This girl boss is going for it. A little belief fuels motivation. A motivated person then inspires others and that is how in 2016, I managed to achieve the best results in my career with that company. 

In terms of my blog, I have now started promoting through social media and have had collaborations, sponsored posts and actual income through it. It isn't what I set out to do. I wanted to start my blog as a platform to share my thoughts and views and now I have a steady readership and actual followers. While becoming self employed as a blogger is not what my ultimate goals are, I would like to see where I can get to.

Self - development

I am a big believer in developing my skills and education further every day. It is easy at work as I develop and learn new things about myself and management every day. 

However, one day I would like to be self employed (still undecided what) and if that means that I work hard now when I can, then I will. 

If you are thinking about doing a course and you aren't sure which then Groupon is a great place to start. They have a lot of training courses available at low prices so you can an idea of what you want to do.

Home & Family

We sold our house and moved into a bigger one in July. We worked hard to save as much as possible and I feel that all of the money saving and motivation skills we have adopted mean that we are much better off financially even now. 

We decorated our house completely and although we do have some renovation plans for the distant future, it feels more like our home now than somewhere we just moved into. On paper, it had everything we wanted but when you get in, you still feel the echo of the previous family and it can still feel like their home. 

If you want to see some of my decor, you can have a look here, here, here, here,  here and here

In terms of family, my husband and I have had a lovely year and although we have had some family illness - I feel like it's the year that made us realise the importance of YOLO and spending time with the people you love when you can. 


February - London

April - Edinburgh

June - Dublin (here, here and here)

September - Kos (here)

November - Rome

How was 2016 for you?

Rachael xox

Friday, 27 January 2017

The Polar Express Experience ...

Hi guys,

So I have been to the Polar Express Experience previously with my niece and my friend's stepsister, but this year is the first that we took my friend's little girl, Holly. Holly will be three on the 23rd Dec so we decided to go for her birthday. We couldn't get tickets on that date, but decided to go a little earlier.

This year, it just seemed better than the previous two. Holly was very overwhelmed at the entire experience but so were we. For people who haven't seen The Polar Express film - stop reading, go watch it and then come back.

The Polar Express is situated at the Weardale Railway Station in Stanhope. The carparking is easily accessible although you do have to wait until the previous trip has left it to enter. You pull up and you can see the train and it is all lit with fairy lights.

You have to collect your tickets from the station but one person can do this while the rest queue up. You can use the toilets and or visit the cafe or gift shop before and after the train ride. 

Once you get onto the platform, you can see the conductor's waiting to help you aboard and then all of the people on the train are dressed as chefs. The chefs get you seated and then before you start the train journey, they play christmas songs.

Once you get going, they start the story and it is Liam Neeson who does the voice over of the story. 

They do a full dance to the Hot Chocolate song and you get served hot chocolate and a cookie.

They then carry on the whole story and you get to listen to the story and they bring a large version around of the book. 

The conductor also comes round and punches the children's train tickets.

Once you reach "The North Pole", you can see Santa in his sleigh full of presents and all of the Christmas lights and it is so magical.

The journey goes back to the railway station and when it happens, Santa arrives on board with his elves. Every child receives a bell (and the adults too if you are cheeky enough to ask) and then the elves stop and do a dance with the kids.

You can go to the gift shop or cafe after the ride and even that is set up so magically.

It is such a magical experience and you create such amazing memories.

I definitely recommend this and we are booking again next year!

Have you got any special Christmas events?

Rachael xox

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Primark Haul ...

Hi guys, 

I thought I would share with you my purchases from Primark. I bought these over the last couple of weeks so you will probably still be able to buy a lot from the stores still!

I am currently on a non spend spree so I am quite glad I bought a few bits and pieces before Christmas!

Set of 4 baskets - £4

Disney princess slipper socks - £4

Navy jumper dress - £16 (worn this loads!)

Cable knit jumper dress - £16

Grey knitted cold shoulder jumper - £12

Black floral kimono - £16

Grey cold shoulder tunic with gold stars - £12
(Haven't worn yet! - struggling to find a match!)

Pink duster coat - £23

Leather style trousers - £12

Black cold shoulder longline jumper - £12

Black leggings - £3.00
I buy these in 10s!

Cream trench with tan detail - £25

Tinkerbell PJ Bottoms - £9

Cuffed bottoms are so comfy!

The following pics are some of the underwear I purchased. I can't remember the prices of them all but they now have the most gorgeous underwear ranges in bigger sizes - hallelujah!

Bambi footlets £4 

So comfy!

Memory foam slippers £3

Gorgeous & sparkly. I bought these in the beige for christmas pressies for people!

Wonder Woman Cosy socks £3

Quilted ballet bow flats - £6.00

How Chanel?


Black tie up ballet shoes - £3

Brown suede boots - £8

Love the cosmetics essentials - shower puff £1 each, turban towel £2, Headband £1

I picked up these gorgeous LED lights with the shape of stag heads that are only £6.
I used them for Christmas but have kept them in my dining room as I adore them!

Disney Princess Dressing Gown £16

I adore this dressing gown! It is so cute and even has a tiara on the top!

Two pk cushions £6

I also picked up these super soft cushions for my living room - they are such a bargain.

Have you picked up anything from Primark lately?

Rachael xox