Monday, 19 December 2016

My Luxury Christmas Wish List ...

Hi guys,

We all have that fantasy of winning the lottery or becoming a mega rich movie star/author/actor etc. or at least I do. I think we all think about what we would spend that first little bit of guilt-free pennies on. So, this wishlist really is all about what I would buy myself for Christmas (or like to get as a gift), if money really wasn't an issue.

The Alexander McQueen neck scarf

I have adored this style of scarf for years and could totally imagine 101 different outfit options with this. Leather jacket & skinnies, skater dress and pumps, tied around a handbag. If I suddenly come into a big lump of money OR find a very good bargain on Ebay, this is definitely one of my first purchases!

Gucci Holdall 

Although my lottery purchase dream luggage is the entire hard and soft Louis Vuitton monogrammed luggage, this Gucci holdall is also on my list. I can just imagine weekend's away in my vintage sports car with this in my boot toting my designer clothes! Eek!

Drew by Chloe

There is just something about this bag that pulls me right in. Actually, I suspect it is the multiple somethings; the chain, the clasp, the stud details. I have been in love with the Chloe brand since the Paddington emerged when I was 16. I coveted that handbag so much so that I bought a couple of dupes but also a real version too. 

The Drew is stunning - so me! However, I could never justify paying that much money for this type of handbag.

Shearling Jacket by Balenciaga

I mean, do I need to explain this one?!

I love a shearling jacket but this one i just absolutely unreal. Everything about it is stunning and I adore it. However, cost per wear really does not translate, not when you have a mortgage to pay, a house and car to run and plan on taking 2-3 holidays a year. Oh well! *puts an extra lottery ticket on*. 
Christian Loboutins 

I actually have a pair of loboutins. Just plain black and I adore them (but hardly wear them). That is what makes me think I would probably hardly wear these shoes. So, this is why they do not currently have shelf of honour in my wardrobe. However, if money wasn't an issue, these beauties would definitely be coming home with me!!

Frends Headphones

I actually own three or four pairs of headphones that do the job but I watched a Youtiuber (think it was Zoella) "what's in my hand luggage" vid and they featured these as apparantly they're super comfy and soft and ideal for long haul flights for sleeping in. I think I may buy these anyway. I would have bought them by now if money wasn't an issue but I am actually thinking in terms of future proofing my ears. I know, it sounds pathetic to me too - any reason to splurge haha!

Gianvanita Rossi Boots

I adore these boots. There is nothing like a knee high black boot to get you through Winter. I have lots of beautiful boots. I think they are definitely the piece in your wardrobe that you need to splurge on. However, nearly £1000 would be better spent on mortgage payments than boots. Boot envy!

Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer in fuschia

I am obsessed with this hairdryer. I am floored by the technology and my extensive research has just made me 100% sure that this will be my next purchase. I know its £300 for a hairdryer. However, I have probably bought a hairdryer a year for the last ten years, amounting to at least £600. See where I am going? My hubby would die if I turned up with this hairdryer and unfortunately for me, I have talked about it that much, I know for definite he will recognise it straight away. As soon as this is in any type of offer, I will be snapping it up straightaway!

YSL jumper

I first saw this jumper on Julia Engel at Gal meets Glam. If you haven't checked her out, then please do so. I lover her style and all her photographs are inspiring and beautiful. This jumper was a definite stand out for me. A massively hefty price tag but worth it for those shoulders and that bow, right?!

I think this post has made me realise two things. 

1. I need to get off Net-a-Porter and live in the real world

2. I probably sit and daydream far too much about winning the lottery.

Oh well!

Have you got any super splurges you would do if you won the big bucks?!

Rachael xox


  1. ahhh.... I want them all! :( I love this list
    xx Leah