Thursday, 1 December 2016

Home Bargains & B&M Stocking Fillers & Reviews

Hi guys,

I thought I would share with you some of the fab bargain christmas stocking fillers and pressies available from two of my fave bargain stores; Home Bargains & B&M.

Christmas doesn't need to cost a fortune and with so many great gifts at such great prices, everyone can receive a fab present too!!

These mugs are from Home Bargains and were only £1.29 each. I have bought two of each for the designs. One set for our house and the other set to pop in a Xmas hamper I am making! They are the cutest mugs!

These American style candies are from B&M and were only 99p each. My fave are the Reese's pieces but these Cookie Dough varieties look great too!

All of these goods above are from B&M. The Skittles lip smackers are great. You only get four in the pack and there is a lot of empty space but the product itself is amazing. They are only £1.99 and they have the most amazing smell to them. They taste amazing too and are super moisturising. They had lots of different varieties too; chuppa chup etc.

The nail varnishes are Love Nails. These are priced at £2.99. The font on the bottles is quite big which makes it look cheaper but the nail polishes themselves are beautiful. When on the nail, they look great. It is easy application but VERY slow to dry!

This paint box lip glosses is priced at only £1.99. They are mini lip glosses. The packaging is lovely with a glitter background. Ideal for teenager stocking filler as they are quite sticky. The clear ones will be fab to keep in your bag for a night out though - minimal space taken up.

The owl is one of my fave products; it is a heat up product. Sort of like a hot water bottle, you can heat it up on a radiator or microwave. Perfect for the Winter months and for that time of the month.

These little boxes of candles are so cute! They are only £1.99. This box is cinnamon but I also got a frosted vanilla set and they all smell amazing. Definitely going to be my Christmas scents this year but will be fab as a stocking filler.

One of my favourite things is this little fairy light projector. Perfect for a little princess, it projects an image around the room and is only £2,99.

I don't know about you, but our family has a massive get together at Christmas. We all get together on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's Day. This means that entertainment is key. I love these cards as they will be such a great addition to our quizzes. They make a great stocking filler for someone with a quiz addiction!

I also got these candles. They are 4pks for only £1.99. One side is sweet treats so cupcake and tart scents and also there is a Christmas set; the spiced mulberry is amazing!

Home bargains was so good for stocking filler ideas. These message hearts are amazing and will be ideal as little stocking fillers, especially if you are buying prosecco for a friend. They were only £1.99 each.

I love these Miss Bic pencils too! You can't see very well but they are a pink/purple pencil and the best thing I have ever seen. I think they were 99p for four and I have since been back and bought LOTS. 

The cute mirrors were only about 59p each. I got G&G for Gatsby and Glamour but they had lots of little gifts personalised with a letter incl. shopping bags, makeup bags and purses.

I adore stationary so this cute checklist and pen set and binders were such an amazing friend. The colours are gorgeous and were only £1.29 each.

So finally, the makeup sets I picked up in Home Bargains looked great. Packaging looked really good and looked like something I would want to give as a gift.

The Lumiere lip crayons were £1.99 for a pack of 3. You can see the swatches above. They are cute colours but not pigmented enough for me. Ideal for a teenager's gift though. The plastic looks good and the font is fun and trendy, "pucker up" being the slogan.

So next is the Lumiere smokin' palette which was again, only £1.99. It is a magnetic close palette which feels expensive and is in a lovely design. I would say it is definitely worth the £1.99 for the gold and copper colour eyeshadows. This palette is a keeper and I may buy another one as a gift for someone. I am looking forward to trying the rest of these out.

Last but not least is the Lumiere eyeliners, again priced at £1.99. The lids are quite loose on the pencils so a bit of a design flaw. However, they are extremely pigmented. There are some beautiful bronzed colours which will great with a smoky eye. They even have a blender eye on the pencil to mix the shadow with the liner. I have kept all of these and they will look amazing for my Christmas make up - only £1.99. Best product of the lot for value. 

Happy Christmas Shopping!!

Rachael xox

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