Monday, 12 December 2016

Dear Santa ...

Hi guys,

So excited, I can't believe Christmas is so soon!! I have been so busy with work recently and literally everyone is asking me what I would like for Christmas and I just haven't really thought about it.

SO ....

Dear Santa,

I have been exceptionally good this year so I would like ...

1. Victoria Boxset - Asda £13
I have recently watched this on itv and I absolutely loved it. I adore anything Downton, Reign style so this was right up my street. Perfect for a rainy day.

2. River Island PJS - River Island £34 
These are so adorable. Silky and monogrammed with River Island's logo. Perfect Xmas eve wear. 

3. Naps Fix Everything Pillow - Superdrug £12
This pillow is from the Zoella range at Superdrug. Super soft and cuddly and just gorgeous. Also, naps do fix everything.

4. Zoella Gingerbread village diffuser - Superdrug £12
I recently smelled the whole new Zoella range and this one is by far the best. I absolutely adored the smell and can just imagine my house smelling like this! Definitely one of my top picks!

1. Grey short sweats - Asos £20
I am not a fan grey really but this looks so soft and snuggly and this time of year is definitely when you need that extra bit of comfort. 

2. Ferrero Rocher - Asda £4
Ferrero Rocher. Enough said. I eat these babies for breakfast. Yes, really. I feel like this is the only time of year I can do this!

3. Harry Potter colouring book - £4.99 Amazon here.
I love Harry Potter, I love colouring. This is the most amazing gift. I just think it is the most gorgeous book and after looking through the book, the images are stunning. Also, a bargain!

4. Beauty and the Beast PJS - £22 Asos
I love Beauty and the Beast. Belle is my Disney Princess alter ego. At least, I like to think so. So this is just perfect for me. Absolutely adore a Disney PJ. Especially with the new film coming out in Feb!

5. Cocktail shaker - £8 Asos
I love this cocktail shaker. Everytime I go abroad and have Mojitos and Daiquiris galore, I always make plans to have more when I get back so this would be the perfect gift for me!

1. Game of Thrones Monopoly & Book Set - £59.98 The Works
I love Game of Thrones. I got half way through season 6 and have had to have a break for a while! I think its the gore and the heaviness of it all that gets to me. But I like to read the book version of a tv programme/movie and I think this Monopoly game is absolutely amazing!

2. Now That's What I call Disney - £11.99 Amazon here.
I buy the Disney albums every year they release one as the newer songs are on there. I just love a Disney CD in the car!

3. Terry's Chocolate Orange - £1 Asda
'Nuff said. Although I love the white choc more, Santa!

4. Soap & Glory Gift Set - £10 Boots
Nobody can go wrong gifting someone a Soap and Glory gift set and I absolutely adore Soap & Glory. I love all of the products but this set in particular has the zesty scent that is perfect for showering when you get up on a dark morning.

5. Alice through the looking glass - Amazon here.
I adore alice in wonderland so when the sequel came about, I was thrilled. Needless to say it did not disappoint so it would be absolutely amazing to have it as part of my collection!!

Now, I know this seems materialistic but it is Christmas!

I also make sure to give back at Christmas. Most shopping centres have a gift tree where you can buy a gift for a child who hasn't got anyone to buy for them. Or, you can also donate any extra food to the Food banks near you. Not only does this help get you into the festive cheer knowing that you are spreading the joy elsewhere but also really helps out others too!

Still stuck for gifts for others? Check out my gift guides here and here.

Rachael xox

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