Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas outfits ... for your furry friend

Hi guys,

My dogs do not like dressing up - but at Christmas I cannot resist. They sulk for about 5 minutes and then get over it and snuggle. They are two chihuahua crosses and shake all the time. They love to be wrapped up warm so having a little jumper on really helps!

I have found some cute little outfits just in case you can't resist the cuteness either!

1. Fairisle jumper - River Island £16
2. Santa Paws Hoodie - Matalan £5
3. Santa's little helper - Matalan £5
4. Santa outfit - Matalan £5
5. Elf outfit - Matalan £5
6. Bowtie - Matalan £4

How cute!!

Rachael xox

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