Thursday, 24 November 2016

The glossies I subscribe to ...

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you my fave mags that I subscribe to. The reason I subscribe to several magazines is so that I can get them delivered to my door and I don't go overboard when shopping. You also get quite a big discount on the magazines too when you subscribe so it sort of saves me money to do so!

Weeklies; Look & Grazia

Look magazine is my all time favourite. They always have good comments about women and champion body confidence. They also have the best new trend & fashion items both affordable and for a little more of a splurge.

Grazia tends to be more high end fashion mixed in with a little bit of High Street. Grazia have amazing news stories that really delve into the background of different people & cultures.

So monthly mags ..

Glamour mag is great. I love how they do a hell of a lot of great top tips posts and mental health stuff. There are always career advice articles as well as other articles that focus on relationships too.

Cosmopolitan is a great mag for affordable fashion and a lot of it is quite kooky and unusual. They also tackle a lot of unspoken taboos - dealing with lady issues quite a lot!

I have just started reading Hello fashion which is quite a new mag. It is way more high end fashion and brings you the trends straight from the runway and has an amazing beauty section too!

Last but definitely not least is MY bible. I say bible because this magazine seems to just know when I need different help. For example, I was struggling a bit at work and letting things get on top of me and lo and behold, there was an article in this very mag about dealing with stress at work!

I love the interviews they do with celebrities too as it gives you a thorough insight into people we see onscreen often.

Do you have any fave mags??

Rachael xox

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