Friday, 18 November 2016

My love for Louise Pentland ...

Hi guys,

I wanted to share my love for Louise Pentland today. I am sure you have all seen Louise on her Youtube channels, Sprinkle of Glitter or Sprinkle of Chatter.

She has an amazing personality that just makes her addictive to watch. While I love Zoella and a hell of a lot of other Youtubers, I adore Louise. I feel like she is such a genuinely nice person and has a similar sense of humour to me. I find myself laughing very loudly while watching her vids.

She separated from her husband last year and even that has been handled incredibly well by this amazing person.

Also featured a lot on her channel, is her daughter, Darcy. Darcy is five (I think) and is absolutely adorable. I think the video of when she meets the Disney Princesses is just about the best thing I have ever seen online. I love the way Louise parents. I have never heard her scold her daughter or raise her voice. She asks her questions to bring out the thoughts that other parents would probably quash. And, on the odd occasion where Darcy isn't listening or is maybe a little bit fiendish, Louise will just speak to her very normally and Darcy listens. 

For a child who has quite an incredible life, her life is very normal too. Louise is an excellent role model for mothers, young adults and teenagers alike. I absolutely love her.

So, Louise has released a DVD, Louise Live. I think I have watched every Youtube vid twice so having this extra piece of Louise is fantastic. I have not yet watched it but I can't wait!!

I also bought "Life with a sprinkle of glitter" which is a book that Louise has written and I have just had a quick flick through but cannot wait to see what she has written. Finally, I also bought the sprinkle of glitter diary 2017. I will probably blog a little about it during the year due to its different sections - photos, recipes etc.

Louise is also writing a book that is available next year about a heroine, Robin Wilde. Cannot wait!!

If you haven't yet discovered Louise (where have you been?) then please go and take a look at her channel. I adore this woman and often tell people to go and watch her vids when they're feeling down.

Do you have a favourite youtuber?

Rachael xox

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