Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Guest Bedroom ...

Hi guys,

So our new home is a 4 bed detached house meaning we get to have a lovely guest room. The other two are used as a study and a general junk room - which I love!

Having a guest room is great as we have so many friends and family who live out of town, so it means we can have them stay without having to mess around with blow up airbeds or pull out sofa beds - both of which we still do!

I decided to go forest/deer themed for the guest room. It is more likely that we do have guests in the Autumn/Winter time of year due to Christmas & working too hard over the Summer months. I also had a lot of ornaments as our previous living room has stag ornaments etc. We bought this stag wallpaper first and then painted the walls a lovely cream colour.

I also got to buy lots of decorative items with owls on, simply because I love owls!! I also got a little basket with lots of throws just to add a little cosiness!

Wallpaper is from the wallpaper warehouse in Hartlepool. The decorative items are from The Range & Next. Due to the time of the year, this theme is all over the shops at the moment!!

Rachael xox

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  1. Isn't having a "junk" room one of the best things ever??? I have the exact same thing at my home and it's truly wonderful!!!

    Denton & Lou 

  2. Sooo cool!!!!!