Saturday, 26 November 2016

Christmas Gifts with Truffle Shuffle ...

Hi guys,

So I found the holy grail of present giving that soothes the geek in me! I love anything character or anything that allows me to have products that feature slogans or images from the TV shows and movies I love.

Here below are my top picks for gifts; whether it be for a stocking stuffer or larger present. I love that the gifts are also very unisex!

1. Star Wars Mat £14
2. Central Perk Tee £14.99
3. Bazinga Tee £19.99
4. Star Wars Mug £6.99
5. Gas Monkey Tee £20.99
6. Diet Coke Tee £22.99

1. Harry Potter Notebook £5.99
2. Pokemon Mug £7.99
3. Rose Gold Disney earrings £12.99
4. Marauder's Map Mug £7.99
5. Disney Charm Bracelet £31.99 (Lots of charms available!)
6. Gas Monkey Cap £25.00

1. Book Worm Tee £34.99
2. Layered ring £41.99
3. Roald Dahl Pen £3.99
4. Disney Carriage Necklace £25.99
5. Geek Gamer Trivia Cards £7.99
6. Disney Rose Necklace £25.99

So go on and have a look online at Truffle Shuffle. I literally have half of the website on my own letter to Santa I think!! I especially love the Disney Rose Necklace - a must have accessory for when the new film comes out!!

Rachael xox

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