Sunday, 13 November 2016

Christmas Countdown ... My Top Picks for Advent Calendars!

Hi guys,

Christmas is fast approaching and before we know it, December will be here. I thought I would share my top picks for this Christmas' advent calendar and then I will let you know which ones I have bought - yep, more than one!

1. Tanya Burr at Superdrug £15
2. Ghost at Superdrug £25
3, Sanctuary at Boots £25
4. Makeup Revolution at Superdrug £30
5. Yankee Candle at Debenhams £22.50
6. Clarins at Debenhams £95
7. Fairytale calendar at Boots £80
8. Benefit at Debenhams £34.50
9.Clinique 7 days Debenhams £28

Also ...

The No7 advent calendar is now available at £39. At the time of writing this, this product is still available but you need to probably get in there quick!!

The No7 includes various makeup and skincare items.

Okay, so I adore the fairytale advent calendar at Boots which is £80. It is crazy the amount of products that you get included in this calendar and all from luxury high end brands. However, I cannot justify paying the £80 for this one. I also would usually love the Yankee candle - but I have SO many candles and wax melts and I only have two days in the house a week, that I worry I will never get through them!

My picks that I am buying ...

1. Tanya Burr advent calendar - I love tanya's cosmetics and I feel like there will be a good amount of those mixed with accessories and could probably do with some more accessories. 

2. No7 advent calendar. I love No7 - I adore the nail varnishes and the eyeshadows so I am excited to see the products on a daily basis.

3. Sanctuary Advent Calendar - I have bought the sanctuary advent calendar as I have never had a product that I have disliked - apart from their colour candle. It is also a massive size!!

I will do a daily unboxing haul as well with a mini review - as well as a review at the end to get us prepared for the following year!

I can't wait for Christmas and counting down with these amazing advent calendars is going to be so exciting!!

Rachael xox


  1. My friend got the No7 one last year with her Boots points and absolutely loved it, I've been saving mine up this year to get one!

  2. If I should pick, I guess the clinique. Have a great week.


  3. These are cute advent calendars! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. such a nice selection!

    Printspirational and stylish wall art for your home!

  5. I want all advents calendar out there on the market! :D You described a good selection there.

    I bought Tanya Burr eyeshadows, and I was quite dissapointed, so probably won't try her advent calendar, but I am really looking forward to trying Clarins and Yankee candle one :) I am candle obsessed this autumn!