Thursday, 27 October 2016

Harry Potter Makeup Brushes!!

Hi guys,

I am seriously in love with Harry Potter & the triplets behind Storybook Cosmetics in the US have created the ultimate beauty accessory ... Harry Potter wand make up brushes!!

Now I don't know what the quality of the actual brush is but I don't even think I would use them!!

How amazing are these? 

So even the pre-order is sold out at the moment but you can follow Story Book cosmetics on Insta and they will let you know FIRST when they come back into stock. They are priced at $55 so not cheap, but a collectible right? (Right?) Check them out HERE!

Love Rachael xox


  1. I think I have seen these before on Facebook, but they are so stunning! x

  2. These are so cool. Would make a great gift. Gemma x