Friday, 21 October 2016

Halloween Wishlist with Rosegal ...

Hi guys,

As you can see from my recent blog posts, I adore Halloween. I discovered Rosegal a little while ago when shopping online and it just absolutely amazes me! If you don't mind waiting a little longer for delivery, then you can get some absolute bargains. It is a US based site however, you can get FREE delivery but it can take anywhere upto 27 days.

I am awaiting quite a big beauty/accessories haul from there so when that arrives I will pop a haul & review on if you want to wait until then to buy that type of product.7

They also stock a lot of clothes and you can check out what they look like on the "real life" person here.

Okay, so Halloween costume and accessories below ....

Frequent Flyer top £8.55
Peacock Mask £1.54
Snow White Costume (adorable!!) £23.03
Bat earrings £1.27
Wednesday Addams top £10.15
Necklace £1.66
Bat costume £23.03
Bloody necklace £1.35
Happy halloween top £9.71

These products below are a selection of the Halloween decorations from the site. I especially love these Halloween cushion covers, I always swap cushions at Christmas but I have never seen a Halloween version.

Pumpkin table dec £3.06
Skull goblet £3.55
Bat hanging dec £3.55
Pumpkin cushion cover £3.88
Graveyard cushion cover £3.96
Vodka skull tumbler £6.94
Spooky tree cushion cover £3.96

You can visit the rest of the Halloween products here!

To discover some bargains of your own, check Rosegal out here.

See you soon guys,

Rachael xox