Monday, 17 October 2016

Halloween Decorations ...

Hi guys,

So I will definitely be attending a Halloween party or two this year. I love getting dressed up in a costume. I thought about having my own Halloween party but with decorating and super busy with work, I just can't face the thought of the planning and then clean up the day after.

However, I decided to have a little look at Halloween decorations. Matalan is so good for home decor and fashion and I buy a lot from there. Halloween this year is on an obscure day so we will probably be at a party on the Saturday night.

It got me to thinking that I may have a few friends round on Halloween night for some movies and cakes! I took a little look online and found these Halloween decs at Matalan!

1. Cake stand £4
2. Skeleton Cage £10
3. Pumpkin string lights £6
4. Happy Halloween bunting £2
5. Boo hanging decoration £4
6. Tealight holder £8
6. Pumpkin Wall light £5

Happy Halloween!!

Rachael xox

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  1. I look forward on recreating these looks! Thanks for sharing, Rachael. <3
    Much love,