Monday, 12 September 2016

Hawaiian Housewarming

Hi guys,

So as you know, I moved recently. We decided to decorate straightaway so it was done before our summer hols but also so that we could make use of the sunny weather and host a housewarming on the bank hol weekend.

I love a theme. Most of my family hate the idea of a theme but they are used to be now so they literally just go with it.

The housewarming I decided would be a hawaiian theme. This fit with the summer idea so well but there are loads of things you can find and do to make your party excellent!

I grabbed loads of decorations and accessories from Ebay and Amazon. These websites are the cheapest to buy from but I just kept comparing the two websites for the best deals.

I have a lot of children in my family too which meant that garden games were a must. I also picked up a pinata and a limbo too.

For food, I found lots of ideas online. There were plenty of fruit themed ideas which I adored. My favourite was the shark watermelon.

I also had an ice cream making station for the children but the adults seemed to take over. For the adults, I also did a cocktail making station. Pina colada and mojitos were on the menu!!

If you have a poundland or home bargains near you, they are the ideal places for great party items at low cost prices too!!

Do you like a theme??

Rachael xox

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