Monday, 4 July 2016

Travel brushes: Eco Tools

Hi guys,

So I wanted to share my travel brushes. They are a miniature size with wooden handles and a gorgeous print too. I picked them up for about £10 in Asda which is a bargain for this many brushes. 

I didn't take them to Dublin but I will be taking them on any future short breaks - they are perfect size for a weekend.

I have used them a couple of times.

There is a foundation brush, blender brush for powders and blush, an eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip brush. Perfect combination. Boots also have this set but with a different design.

I was a bit concerned at first over the size of the brushes as I don't like to hang around with my makeup. I like it done and dusted, but they do the job. The bristles are lovely and soft and the blender brush picks up the powder on it really well. too. I don't know whether I will use the lip brush very much but I will find a use for it!

Rachael xox

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