Sunday, 10 July 2016

My morning makeup routine ...

Hi guys,

So I thought I would share my morning makeup routine with you. I do change it up quite often, if I run out of something or I buy something new I am dying to try. But at the moment, these are my go to products. This routine is just for a normal every day going to work. 

1. First I use wipes to wash over my face. I do a full cleansing routine at night so I feel like its just not necessary on a morning. 
2. I then use Nivea day cream - it is oil free and it just gives me face a lovely hit of moisture. 
3. I then apply Collection long lasting concealer under my eyes and to any blemishes. I blend this using my stipple brush. 
4. I then apply the Avon Ideal flawless foundation - just started using this - I apply some dabs with my fingers but then blend it in using the same stipple brush.
5. I then apply the Manhattan clear face powder with the powder brush.
6. I then bronze and highlight my face with this Collection bronzer. I do use this sparingly as it is quite dark.
7. I then apply my blush which is the Along Came Betty you must be blushing duo. 
8. I then do my eyes. I have avon glimmersticks brow definer for my eyebrows and collection fast stroke eyeliner across my upper lid. My current mascaras are No.7 curve eyeshadow and the Avon Winged out Mascara. I use the No.7 for lift and the Avon for thickness. It takes me a WHILE to do my eyelashes!
9. Finishing touches - I use maybelline babylips for a nude hydrated lip. 
10. I also use Sure deodorant and then finish off with a splash of Marc Jacobs Daisy Fresh perfume. 

What do you do for yours??

Rachael xox


  1. I love seeing other peoples daily routines! It's always so interesting! x

    Victoria |

  2. great post

  3. nice routine! thanks for sharing! :D

    Have a great week!
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