Sunday, 3 July 2016

B & M Bargains Haul ...

Hi guys,

I have had a little shop at B&M and thought I would share all of my bargains with you. I love B&M because you can just find absolutely allsorts of bargains - its pretty much the same as Home Bargain but B&M also get in discounted beauty products.

 I bought these teal and cream boxes (set of 3) for more beauty storage for my dressing table and beauty products that I discussed previously in my TK Maxx haul. I bought these ones as I knew the smaller tubs would go into my dressing table okay but the larger ones I will use in a cupboard separately for storage.

I also repurchased the Gillette Venus Snap Razor which I have reviewed twice now. I often get it from here as its only £4.99 but I know that Savers also get this product in at a decent price.
I always pick up on essentials from places like this too so I'm not breaking the bank - I got Sure deodorant and Johnsons cotton buds - I only ever use Johnsons. 

I also picked up a Rimmel lip gloss in a gorgeous light pink shade and this w7 cheeky trio palette - this is a palette that features a bronzer, blush and highlighter. I haven't tested it yet ut I am looking forward to seeing the results - it may be my new holiday palette. 

Finally, as we have been on some holidays from work recently and have been relaxing into holiday mood with food, we decided to have a last little blowout. We had Lion bars and Kitkat chunkys - these were 4 for £1.00 and we also got Mr Toms. Mr Toms are so nostalgic for me and just make me thing of my mum everytime! They were a childhood favourite!

Okay, so that is my B and M Bargains haul for today - do you bargain hunt??

Rachael xox

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