Sunday, 5 June 2016

Wilko - Beauty & Body Haul

Hi guys,

I popped into Wilko's to buy a few travel size toiletries for Dublin and a few bits and bobs that needed replacing, so I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the products as well. I love Wilkos as everything is so affordable! They always have great offers on and I tend to bulk buy a lot of toiletries when they do have offers. Also - their stuff for the home is fab, they have some great pastel coloured kitchen accessories too.

Okay, so this is the bits and pieces for Dublin. We are only taking hand luggage to Dublin, I will blog about this when I get back to let you know how I get on, but I have serious reservations about being limited to how much I am allowed to travel with. 

So, I decided to opt for some travel miniatures. I bought a small batiste dry shampoo and a small shampoo and conditioner by pantene. I don't always wash my hair for a couple of days away but I always have to factor in for poor weather when I am there. I know there are Boots and Superdrugs aplenty, but I just like to pre-empt any crisis. I have a small roll on dove deoderant, a small treseme hairspray, colgate toothpaste and v05 hair gel. I also bought a wilkos shower gel (which smells CLEAN) and a cocoa butter minitaure too which will be a face, body and hand cream for me when away!! The miniatures were all on a 3 for 2, bargain! I know some people decant for holiday, but I always break those toiletry bottles or lose the lids.

So, these are my replacement products. I have bought two bottle of v05 sleek shampoo. I always use way more shampoo than conditioner so find myself buying shampoo more than anything else. They were only 99p each. I also picked up a few Collection pieces of makeup. I got the lasting perfection concealer and foundation, they are hardwearing for me when I am out and about on holiday, They also prevent the oils from leaking through on my face - I tend to keep a shine free face. This is my third collection bronzer. I always buy it in matt, I don't like glittery flecks all over my face. I love to use this all year round. I am such a summery person that I don't like paleface! I got fast stroke eyeliner too which is the only liquid eyeliner I will ever use. 

I also picked up some carex hand wash - this is strawberry laces and it smells divine! I also bought the nivea oil free day cream, this is fab as a layer underneath my make up and has also got an SPF for protection. 

So that completes my Wilko Haul,

What do you buy from Wilkos??

Rachael xox

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