Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Summer reading list Pt.1

Hi guys, 

So I thought I would share with you the books I recommend for summer reading. This is only pt. 1 as the weather is now nice so makes for plenty of garden time and we aren't going on our summer holiday until September. 

I may have mentioned some of these books recently. I do read absolutely anything but I think when the weather is sunny and warm and we're all in pretty dresses or shorts and camis, its nice to read something you don't need to furrow your brow at! 

1. Jandy Nelson - The sky is everywhere

This book is about a girl named Lennie whose sister has passed away and we are meeting Lennie as she struggles to come to terms with it and how she picks herself up after. While this story is heartbreaking in places, it is also quite light and you and its really heartwarming at the end. 

2. Nicholas Spark - See Me

I am literally 2 chapters into this book but it has gripped me already. I think its going to be Safe Haven style but I absolutely adore Nicholas Sparks. Everything he writes is amazing and they even translate to film too! Looking forward to seeing how this develops,

3. Cecelia Ahern - The Marble Collector

Cecelia Ahern is again another author who keeps me gripped but they also have an amazing magical element to some of them. The story is about a woman who finds a marble collection in her father's possessions. It sounds like her father has dementia or Alzheimers. She then makes some discoveries about the life her father has forgot. 

4. Cecelia Ahern - The Year I met you 

The second book is also Cecelia Ahern. I always buy this author when new books come out and I must have missed this one. Its the story of a girl who loses her job and then in the year that follows, she finds herself. I am really looking forward to reading this one!

5. Scarlett Moffatt - Scarlett says

I have been looking forward to reading this book for soo long. It is written by Scarlett Moffatt from Gogglebox. She is the one who sounds like a Geordie to the Southerners, but she isn't. She is in fact from Bishop Auckland and her family are definitely the most down to earth and natural on the show. Scarlett's facial expressions and hilarious comments won my heart from the first season and now I look forward to watching it, especially now as her cute little sister Ava has joined them on the sofa.

Scarlett now has a morning presenting job on Capital Radio and she is even funnier. I have read a few chapters of this book and it is absolutely brilliant. She writes exactly as she speaks and her opinions on different subjects are hilarious. She is also a very intelligent person who is preparing for the apocalypse. Definitely a top read!!

What have you got on your list?

Rachael xox

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