Friday, 3 June 2016

Peacocks Haul ...

Hi guys,

A mini shop haul for you - I wanted to lighten up my wardrobe a little as at the moment I still have a lot of darker colours and I haven't bought any clothes for ages. I am trying to be frugal. It's my birthday soon and I've been busy deciding what to wear and now I feel like I am justifying my spends!

Okay, so Dublin soon as well and I wanted to have some choice in my wardrobe. I went to Peacocks because I saw a gorgeous red top for only £8.00. It was a beautiful colour but it just wasn't my style - the fit wasn't great.

The fact is, I don't often shop in Peacocks as I rarely find styles that I like. However, their Spring/Summer range is beautiful.

My favourite pick is this floral cami top. It is very loose and floaty and was only £12.00 - I have already worn it and got quite a lot of comments. It is very summery! 

I got this black (I know, light right?) shirt dress which is a very light material, ideal for the warmer temperatures. I am planning on wearing this for my birthday night out.

I also got this long tan coloured waistcoat. I have lots of tan accessories, shoes and bags but needed a jacket for when a top just wouldn't cut it. While I'm still searching for that, this waistcoat will do for now. 

Do you shop in Peacocks? Take a peek here.

Rachael xox

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