Wednesday, 22 June 2016

New Venture ...

Hi guys,

This might seem a bit like a shamless plug however, recently I have assessed my life plan and assessed where I wanted to be at 26 and where I am now - I decided I wanted to do something a little extra on the side to make money to invest into property eventually.

I like the idea of having a property portfolio, not only to have a comfortable life and some excellent holidays - but also to provide low cost quality houses for those who are on low wages. I hear horror stories from people about mouldy, damp and just altogether poor landlords. I also think that this tends to happen to single women who are often mothers. 

Now, I am not saying that women can't look after themselves or can do DIY but as a woman, I wouldn't know how to sort out ceiling mould. So, that is my eventual aim. I was inspired by SugarMammaTV and her youtube videos on manifesting money.

To do this, I have recently joined a network marketing company. I see these companies all the time and I have never had any interest whatsoever. However, this company has amazing products and I feel like they could probably sell themselves most of the time.

If you want to checkout my facebook group and join then do so here.

I am not sure yet as to whether this will be a long term or short term thing for me but at the moment, any money I make will be going in a savings account for the future. 

Have you got any long term goals??

Rachael xox

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