Wednesday, 15 June 2016

My glossy addiction: Weekly and Monthly mags - Free benefit brow definer!!

Hi guys, 

My day off from my full time job is generally a Tuesday so I always pop to the shops and pick up my weekly glossies. However, once a month I pick up the big glossies. I do have a mag addiction - I also buy homeware mags that I can pop on a separate post - so here are my favourites. 

So the weeklies are Look and Grazia Magazine. I have bought every issue of Look since it first started. It is honestly the best magazine ever but it makes me spend so much money. I also buy Grazia however sometimes I don't feel like I get a lot out of it. 

My fave monthly mags are Glamour and Elle. I think one of the reasons I like Elle so much is again there is much a mix of pieces and inspirational stories. The best bits is that it absolutely celebrates women and the strong women of society which I think every mag out there should do. 

Cosmopolitan again is a very good read and I absolutely love the new fashion mag. This brings mainly high end fashions to the forefront but it is like an insider writing the information. I feel like everything is said with an air of authority (if that makes sense).

The best bit sometimes of the mags is the sample size products you get to try. However, this month Glamour is giving away a Model co. eyeliner and the Glamour mag itself is only £1.

Elle are giving away a full size Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil, which I have swatched for you. I don't know which colours they come in but I was lucky to get it in brown. I will do a full feature on this product as I have tried it a little and it looks great. 

So if you are wanting some free products and an excellent read, you need to get to the shops right now. The Benefit brow pencil isn't going to hang around for long!!

Rachael xox


  1. Really love your post ! xo
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    1. Hi hun, I have added you to my liked pages. Love your posts too!!

      Rachael xox

  2. Sounds great! I haven't tried too many Benefit products but often hear good things.