Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hi guys,

So recently I told you what I do to chill out. However, recently I decided to go for a walk. I live very close to the beach in Seaton Carew and every night I make sure to drive past the beach, I think the sight of it just makes me feel chilled. I often take the dogs with me and we go for a stroll along the prom. However, this morning they were with their dad so I decided to go for a stroll by myself. The beach was so beautiful, I just plonked my hind on the sand and breathed the sea air in. 

I don't practice meditation, but I imagine that this is what it feels like. The complete calmness and lack of hurry is inspiring. So in future, when I am feeling a little bit stressed or anxious, I am going to carry myself to this very spot and soak in the sights. I feel truly blessed to have a calm and serene space such as this to relax in.

Where do you relax?

Rachael xox

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