Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Loreal Studio Pro Hairspray

Hi guys,

I have just finished using this product and I have been deciding whether to repurchase or not. This is the Loreal Studio Pro Lock It Hairspray in extra strong. Firstly, as previously mentioned, I am a stickler for black and dark clothing so I like to brighten up my life in other ways and this packaging is gorgeous. I picked this up on impulse. I have heard a lot of things about the studio pro range. 
I bought this from Boots as they had a special offer on at the time. Okay, so the product itself smells amazing. It is so fruity and amazing, you probably shouldn't wear perfume with it. You can still smell hours later, unlike some perfumes. The actual consistency of the product is very sticky. I don't know whether this is because its extra strong or if its a trait of the actual product. It does hold the style really well also, I just don't like that you can visually see the hairspray in the hair. It gives you a thin layer - again due to the sticky. 

I weighed all of these points up and I have decided not to repurchase - I have used other products previously which have been better for me - I may try again in the future but with a lighter hold.

Rachael xox

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