Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Film Review: The Longest Ride

Hi guys,

So I have literally just watched this film and I am currently writing this through blurred eyes. Yep, it's a teary one!

The Longest Ride is a film based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks is the most romantic author that I ave read. His ability to create the characters with depth and the most amazing intertwining stories makes him a winner for me. Fans of his will know him from Dear John, The Notebook, Safe Haven, The Last Song & many more.

The Longest ride stars Britt Robertson (Tomorrow Land, Life Unexpected) and Scott Eastwood (Chicago Fire). Firstly, they make a gorgeous couple and have amazing on screen chemistry. I love the Nicholas Sparks movies as they are always set in gorgeous locations. They make you want to grab your passport and jump on a plane. Believe me, I am planning some holidays around Nicholas Sparks locations. The story starts with Sophia (Robertson) who is living in a sorority at a college, studying art. Her friends persuade her to attend a bull riding competition in order to meet cowboys. Here, she meets Luke (Eastwood) who is a bull rider aiming to be the world champion.

Sophia and Luke's relationship becomes intertwined with that of Ira Levinson, an old man who they rescue from his car late one night. We see Ira's life with his wife Ruth, depicted through his letters but we visually get to see his early marriage with her.

This beautiful story keeps you gripped from start to finish - you just want to see the outcome for the characters. It is haunting, beautifully written and definitely keeps you thinking after its finished. 5/5!

Rachael xox

p.s. tissues!


  1. I am such a sucker for Nicholas Sparks turned movies! I have been dying to see this one!! <3

  2. This has a bit of everything so even hubby watched with me!