Thursday, 2 June 2016

Film Review: How to be single

Hi guys,

I had the girls round recently for a movie night and we decided to watch How to be single. We were not disappointed! Living with a man who loves cars and everything gun/action orientated - chick flicks are often a rarity. 

What drew us to pick this film is that we are big Rebel Wilson fans, we bingewatched Pitch Perfect/Pitch Perfect 2 so many times we know every single line and hand gesture. This is definitely a 5* film. 

Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson and Leslie Mann all give one of their best performances in this film. It is comedic as well as being a tear jerker, we all admitted to having a lump in our throats several times. Also, the man candy is spot on!

Dakota Johnson plays Alice, a graduate who has been in a relationship with her college sweetheart for a long time. She decides she wants to go to New York and pursue a career and this involves having a break with her other half. She stays with her sister (Mann) and is enticed by her work colleague (Wilson) to pursue extracurricular activities and enjoy the "single" life. It is a magical tale of the power of women, our resilience and our ability to create deep and meaningful relationships - whether it be for one night or life. 

I highly recommend this film for all girls out there, get the girls round, popcorn and prosecco in and enjoy this beautiful film.

What's your legendary chickflick??

Rachael xox

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