Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Do you journal?

Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you this amazing journal I just got from Amazon. I love writing - whether it be blogging or writing a novel (which I will finish someday). I read a lot of blog posts where people are writing one sentence a day and that new app which records one second from each day is fascinating - but for me it is all about the written word. 

So, I popped online to search for a gorgeous notebook and inspired by American TV (okay, Princess Diaries was on TV), I decided to search for a journal instead. I found this gorgeous journal on Amazon for only £10.99

It is an absolutely gorgeous hardback book with plain writing paper inside. One of the best things about it is that every other page has a special quotation in - meaning it makes you reflect on your day and apply a little bit of wisdom to the subject as well.

Made by Peter Pauper Press, it even features this little history about the company - as I am very sentimental, it made this journal even more special. I am going to use this to record every day in my 26th year - we have a lot of holidays planned, a big house move and lots of little goals to achieve this year so it will be nice to outline this at the beginning and then look back when I turn 27 & when I purchase the next one.

You can find something similar here.

So tell me, do you journal?

Rachael xox

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