Sunday, 19 June 2016

Deodorant Wars: Sanex or Sure?

Hi guys,

I know deodorant can be a little boring to talk about but I have switched backwards and forwards for the past few years between these products. I usually just go for the product on offer. However, I have recently decided that Sure is the deodorant of choice.

Both are similar price, especially when there are offers on the table but I just find that Sure wins every time. I always go for the compressed version as it fits in all of my handbags and is handy for travelling too. They are both good for not leaving marks on a top too. Sometimes, sanex can leave a little mark on a black top if I have just put it on. 

However, the reason I have decided to go for the Sure version is that it is super long lasting. I have never had to refresh my Sure deodorant unless I have been doing some training at work (it involves ovens!) whereas I seem to always have the Sanex in hand. 

As we are coming upto Summer now, I definitely need the fresh feeling of Sure. 

Rachael xox

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