Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Boxset Review: Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Hi guys,

I don't think there is anyone reading this who didn't watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch when they were younger. Recently, they brought it out on boxset and I decided I had to have it. I still love it but watching it now is a completely different experience. The humour is different, its a lot more cheesy now than what it was. 

It is so nostalgic watching it now, remembering how much I rooted for Harvey and Sabrina. I adore Salem and I laugh my head off at Hilda and Zelda and their very strange relationship.

As an absolute supernatural fan who has watched everything under the sun to do with witches, wizards, demons, vampires and were-creatures, this is quite juvenile in its practice. Where things such as a pointing finger with flu, talking furniture, a real magic bean and a case of punnitis is all in evidence, I don't know whether I would enjoy it as much now as what I did back then.

However, for me, nostalgia wins every time. So if like me, and I doubt there are many who weren't, you adored Sabrina back then, you need to get the boxset and rewind back to your childhood.

What was your favourite tv programme back in the day??

Rachael xox

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