Sunday, 29 May 2016

Venus Gillette Snap Razor .....

Hi guys,

I have repeat purchased this item and bought several replacement blades for it so I thought it was about time I reviewed the Venus Gillette Snap Razor.

This product is fab, you can use it wet/dry on your skin and it gives you a nice close shave. I love how small it is, it came with a small case so it is easy to pack for your hols! I haven't had a signal nick or cut with it & it is pink. I have used it on my bikini line, legs and armpits.

I actually picked this up in B&M when I was looking for a few pieces for my house - I was dressing a room to sell the house and I love having a look through the beauty aisle. It was only £4.99 but you can pay around £12.00 for these elsewhere. I always find it helpful to go to B&M or Home Bargains when I can to save myself a few pennies. Bargain Beauty!! I would always use the Venus Gillette disposables - either the pink or turquoise and while I still occasionally use these - the snap is my new razor of choice!

All I can say is, if you haven't tried this product, you need to. 

Rachael xox


  1. I recently bought this to take away with me on holiday. It's so tiny and cute, love it :D

  2. Oh this is perfect for traveling!

    1. Yep - i will be popping a travel tips post on shortly as I get ready to go to Dublin!