Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Soap & Glory Bubble Bath Review ...


I have used all of this product up now so decided it was time for a little review. I use soap and glory quite often but it wasn't until I picked this up after running low on bubble bath, that I actually tried this particular Soap and Glory product. 

Soap and Glory Calm One Calm All has a beautiful smell that lingers in the bath long after the bubbles have faded (which was quite quickly). I do soak in the bath for a couple of hours and I find it very luxurious. This gave the bath a lovely feel and smelled amazing, I was just disappointed with the lack of bubbles - they didn't seem to last at all.

I love soap and glory as it just adds a bit of luxury to your normal daily routine - worth a try if you like the scent.

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What do you like in your bubble bath??

Rachael xox

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