Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay ...

Hi guys, 

I bought Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay the minute I saw the ads in my weekly mags. Finally, a product that was going to help me with my oily roots!

I used this product religiously for about 2 weeks until it was all gone and I was somewhere in the middle at the end of my bottles.

I would say that I got an extra day out of my roots - they didn't oil as much as they usually do and therefore I saved a bit of dry shampoo. But, my big issue with this product is that my ends of my hair were completely dry. In fact, they were consistently straw like. This meant that styling my hair became an issue and later on in the day, it was unruly and I honestly looked like a scarecrow.

Needless to say, this product will not be a repeat purchase and I am quite disappointed!!

What do you use to help your oily roots?

Rachael xox

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