Sunday, 22 May 2016

Chill out time ...


Lately, I have been so busy and stressed out at work. I have been doing a lot of work outside of hours which is not ideal. However, in the last week I decided that enough was enough. You can't function properly in work if you haven't spent enough time on yourself when you are off.

My job means I am responsible for quite a few stores and therefore even outside of work, I sometimes answer my phone. I now switch off my phone outside of work and make sure that someone is available to deal with emergencies, should they arise.

Not only have I found that I am a lot happier at home, I am also a lot happier at work. I do my work inside of work hours and occasionally, I will do a few things outside of work but these tend to be things on the pc as I don't take my laptop to work with me. I think doing this has strengthened my time management skills. 

The only thing now is finding what I enjoy doing outside of work!! I like to do online courses so I often purchase these and spend a little bit of time on a night studying. But, my all time favourite thing to do is to read - I love getting lost in a good book. We have had some lovely weather lately so I have spent a lot of time outdoors, but on this particular day I decided to read a book in my garden room with a cup of tea & a smelly candle on! What do you do to relax?

Initial mug - 99p from Homebargains, Vase & Flowers - Dunelm Mill & Love candle in a set from Next!

Rachael xox

P.S. Make sure to make time for YOUR self x

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