Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sephora Lotus Mask

Hi guys,

I never did that haul from New York, but I did pick up this face mask from Sephora.

It was a last minute impulse purchase from near the till point and I never really thought about it until last night when I felt in need of face mask therapy.

I opened it up and it was an actual mask. I have never done one of these before and it was quite odd. My little doggy, Dexter did not appreciate it and backed off.
However it was soaking with moisture that instantly started to soak into my skin. I left it on for fifteen minutes and then peeled it off and blended the remaining product into my face. It felt amazing.

This morning my face feels a lot more moisturised and soft! I do wish I had bought more.
If you are in any sephora, then you must pick a few up. They are fabulous - lots of different types!
Rachael xox

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What is in my bag?

Hi guys,

Thought I would share what is in my bag at the moment ...
This is my general day to day work bag. I am using my Medium Brown Bag that I bought from Bloomingdales in New York last year. I love this bag as it is so big and I can literally see everything inside it. J love that I can fit everything inside too.

1. Sunglasses - just a random pair from Primark - a big sized pair that I leave in my bag as I drive a lot for work and sometimes the sun can be a bit blinding. I keep them in a case so they don't get damaged.

2. Reading glasses. I carry my glasses with me as my job involves a lot of reading of figures and writing a lot of notes. I also use them for driving in the dark as they have an anti glare coating on.

3. My makeup bag ( I will analyse in a different post) has a lot of stuff in it. But I obviously need it for during the day -my oily skin needs a touch up mid afternoon. I also occassionaly meet friends after work and therefore a quick touch up in the car is often required!!

4. My ipod cable (ipod was in the dock). I always carry this as it connects into my car to charge but also to play my different playlists. As I can be in the car from an hour to a few hours per day, I like to be entertained!

5. Pencil case. my red tartan bow pencil case that my hubby bought me from wilkos. I have to have a pencil case for work but I also carry it around to make any notes for writing or blogging.

6. Floral notebook - i carry around notebooks all the time and I have a large collection of them.

7. 2016 diary - I love my chihuahua diary. I pop daily items in there also make notes for blogs etc or writing so I can set some times to write and make sure I can follow them.

8. Slimming world book - I carry my slimming world books with me so I can check on syns while I am out and about.

9. My purse - it is a 6.00 purse from Primark. I did have a Michael Kors purse but it was too small for all of my various loyalty cards and vouchers (now I am on a budget). It has a coin pocket and a zip pocket and is perfect for me at the moment.
10. Umberella - for rain?!

11. My car keys. I drive a Dacia Sandero Stepway. An efficient car that is fab for all the driving I do. My keyrings tend to be personal. I have some from london, some from Paris and a pic of my niece and nephew.

12. My phones - not photographed! I have a samsung galaxy s5 as my own phone and an iphone 6s for my work phone. Both vital for my day.

13. Chewing gum - I always keep a pot on me. Between talking to staff, training, eating and interviewing, I need to be able to pop a chewy and have fresh breath all day.

What do you keep in your handbag??
Rachael xox