Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wardrobe declutter!


So it's that time of year when the weather is too horrid to leave the house but you're overwhelmed with STUFF after christmas.
So today I decided to have a total resort of my wardrobe, list up some ebay stuff and sort out a bag for my local charity shop.

1. Take everything out of your wardrobe and assess them one by one. I look at them and check them for damage/bobbles etc. I try them on in front a full length mirror. When i do this, I make sure I have hair scraped back and no makeup.
The reason I do this is because the biggest reason that I don't wear a lot of my clothes, its because I gravitate towards the items I feel comfortable with. If i look at my worst and I like what it looks like, then its a winner.

2. I have a charity pile, an ebay pile and a bag of stuff that doesn't fit but I like.
The stuff that doesn't fit but I like, I keep hold of for so long. Especially as I am on my slimmingworld journey, I make sure I do keep hold of them. If i don't slim into them, they go.
My ebay pile is the good brands - Next, Topshop etc. This money then sits in my paypal account and I use it to buy some more items to actually fit in the wardrobe.

My charity pile is the good condition stuff that I don't want but won't sell well on ebay. I always send to British Heart Foundation as I used to work for them and know the amazing work they do. I have the driver on speed dial. However, if i know i am going to a specific shopping centre, I often look for a Sue Ryder too.

3. I then out all of my items back into the wardrobe and arrange it all neatly and tidily. I then feel amazing as it looks good and I know I can go to that wardrobe every day without thinking twice that something doesn't fit or won't look good. My wardrobe set up is the Ikea Algot system which is amazing.

4. I then try and piece some outfits together. I use the website style fruits to look for specific events and end up putting together outfits that I wouldn't have before. For example, teaming a longline jumper (i usually wear with cotton  leggings every day) with leather look leggings and ankle boots.
I also use this to make a list of items I then need to go and buy to create more wardrobe choices.

PS. If you end up with loads of empty hangers, bag them up and store them in the loft - you may find yourself topping up your wardrobe again.

How do you sort yours?

See you soon,
Rachael xox.

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