Sunday, 17 January 2016

Sunday lunch ...


My hubby and I love a Sunday lunch but we both prefer homemade!! We have our fair share of pubs in Hartlepool but we decided to try the Jackson's Wharf pub that has beautiful views over the Marina if you can get seated at the right table.

They are a Marston's pub so you know the menu is going to be okay - its nothing amazing. Standard pub fayre. However, you can always guarantee a lovely atmosphere and a decent meal.

Their menu is two for one so don't go if you have an odd number unless you go thirds on the total price (or would eat two meals!)

So today I decided to go for the BBQ chicken burger and Chris had the Bacon and Brie burger.

Although I am on Slimming World, I still try to enjoy my weekend and so just skip on dessert!

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