Tuesday, 19 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions ...


So I make new year's resolutions every single year, but this year they are going to stick! I have delayed the sharing of them as I didn't want to jinx myself - but I feel pretty confident that I am well away with them now!

1. Be thrifty

Okay, so I am not talking about making my own clothes and spending all my life at carboot sales (although I do love a booty), but I am going to clear all outstanding debts and start a savings account for a rainy day. I am also going to cut back on the stupid little things I buy and actually ask myself if I need it or will I wear it?! I have already had a massive clear out of my wardrobe and ebayed the items that I haven't worn in the past few years. I will admit that I have struggled in actually doing anything that involves money so I don't just splurge but I have planned for tomorrow a lovely little day out, lunch and a spot of shopping - I just won't go wild! I have completely stopped buying clothes at the moment (okay well not completely!) - I am waiting until number 2 is completed!

2. Be healthy

Ha. How many of us have said this every single year - we'll start Monday. Every week these words come out of my mouth. It isn't just about eating right, its the whole lifestyle change for me. I think I lost myself a little when i got fat - to be blunt! I joined Slimming World just before Christmas and managed to lose half a stone, which then set me on the right track - I will be popping some pics on of my fave slimming world meals. I will be sharing my journey with you also as I try and rediscover my sense of style!

3. Write!

Whether it be a novel, a blog or a diary entry, I am 100% going to be writing as much as I possibly can. I adore writing and definitely need to be doing it more and more.

So that in short is 2016 for me. I look forward to sharing more and more adventures with you all!

Rachael xox

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