Friday, 22 January 2016

Glade Wax Melts Holder


I just had to review this product. I always have candles burning in the house and especially now we are selling, I always have something on. I have been using my melt burner (the type with tealight), but I discovered this product in Wilko and it is amazing.

This wax melt burner is electric so you can turn it on whenever you need to. They are £12.00 from Wilko - I even bought my mum and friend this for christmas - they are always burning these. 

They are available in both black and white. The white is beautiful and fits in really well with my decor. The black version is currently on sale and is only £6.50, it is sold out online but you should be able to grab them instore.

You can pick up the Glade Wax melts packs but I use my yankee candle wax tarts too. If you have a local store that sells the BOMB cosmetics, they also have tiny teeny melts that you can buy pick and mix style.

Happy Home Fragrancing,

Rachael xox

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